How to UN-send a SMS Message

Have you ever sent a SMS text message to somebody in an inebriated condition only to regret it as soon you hit send have you ever discovered embarrassing typos in your SMS messages after you have already sent it? If you have ever wished that there was a way to un-send a SMS text message after it has been sent, then look no further.

  1. On Second Thought is a free Android messaging app that allows you un-send a SMS text message within up to a minute after you have sent it,
  1. One you have installed the On Second Thought app on your phone, go to Settings > Default Application > Message and make sure that you select the On Second Thought app as the default messaging app for your phone. This will ensure that whenever you compose, send or receive SMS text messages, then the On Second Thought app will be the default application for it.

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  1. Launch the On Second Thought app and go to Settings to select the amount of buffer time you want to give yourself to recall a SMS text message after you have sent it. You can choose any value between 0-60 seconds as your buffer time.
  1. The next time you send a SMS text message using period within which you will have 60 seconds grace the message. Just swipe left or right and the SMS message will get unsent.



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