How to type Faster On Your touchscreen Device

If there is one activity everyone spends probably more time doing than any other, it’s typing. No matter what your work or play involves, chances are you spend a whale lot of time tapping at keys. If you spend a lot of time on your phone, this is probably even truer. One of the reason touch screens are so popular is that they liberate you from the keypad, but at the end of the day, you’re still typing! And if you’re like most people, odds are that your typing isn’t very fast, either, until now. Because here’s an app that will radically increase the speed of you’re typing on your phone. It’s called SwiftKey and that’s exactly what it is – so much so that you’ll literally wonder how you’re finishing so fast! To get the application, just download it (it’s free!) and you’re ready to get started.


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  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is to configure your SwiftKey keyboard. It’s easy enough – all you need to do is go to the settings page – and open the general options tab. Once in there, select Keyboard, and then choose to add a keyboard. You should see SwiftKey available there – so just enable it and you’re done with the setup.


  1. Once you’ve done this, just open any application where you need to type you’ll see your SwiftKey keyboard there. Now comes the fun part The key to using SwiftKey is to do is slide your finger from one key to the next to spell out the word and SwiftKey will guess what it is and do the rest. The sliding takes a bit of practice at first – but stick rest. The sliding takes a bit of practice at first – but stick with it – not only don you get better, but the more you use it, the smarter SwiftKey gets with it guesses of words you’re looking to use – because it learns the words you use and adapts to them! In fact, with time, even if you make a typo, SwiftKey is smart enough to correct it for you. Accurate and fast – now isn’t that a great way to type?


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  1. And to top it all, SwiftKey also comes with a cool cloud features that helps sync learned words across accounts for you, as well as learns a bit more(and faster) about your language choices. It’s a great way t speed up the application’s learning curve. All in all, SwiftKey is the best way to radically improve your typing speed, accuracy and those headaches that come with the built-in auto correct!


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