Top 5 Websites To Download Free Images For Your Post

Nowadays, users seem to react to the images better than to the words. It might be the result of having too much different information to deal with on a regular basis. It might also be that people have less time, so they prefer to receive information through pictures. Regardless of the reason, it is a well-known fact that people like visual content.

That’s why, SEO specialists insist on the importance of adding pictures to your articles. You can include infographics, themed images, etc. They say that the pictures you pick should be of the highest quality and also claim that this is as important as crafting quality content if not more.

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However, with a significant number of photo stock websites emerging, you might face troubles when picking the best ones as well as ones offering pictures for free. Purchasing images at photo stocks can cost you a fortune, we know that from our personal experience, especially if you opt for high-quality photos by well-known or popular artists.

So, we have decided to create a list of what we believe are five most useful sites where people who create content for various purposes can find images fitting different topics.

A list of websites to find free pictures at

  1. Pixabay.

We often pick images on this website. One doesn’t have to sign in to get access to them. All you have to do is enter a relevant search request and check the list of pictures with hashtags matching the search.

You can consider registration in order to simplify the process of downloading the image. Without signing in, you will have to deal with different CAPTCHAs every time you attempt to download a picture. However, after the registration, this procedure is omitted.

The best part is that one can use the images not only for personal needs but for commercial ones, too.

  1. Pexels.

One can also get free pictures at this website. It works in the same way as the previous resource. You can download all the pictures you need for your blog or any other resource.

Besides, you can use these images for commercial purposes thanks to the fact that they are registered under the Creative Common Zero license. It gives users the right to use them for any purpose they want.

Pexels have also stated not so long ago that they will add at least one thousand of new free images to their website every month. Thanks to the effort of many artists from all over the world, they have so far more than ten thousand pictures which users can download for free.

  1. FreeRangeStock.

This resource offers free images to users both for personal and commercial use, as their pictures are registered under the CC0 license as well. Apart from getting free images, users can also upload their own and get paid through the Ad sense mechanism on the website.

However, bear in mind that you might need to register in their system to get access to free photos. Some users might not like this. On top of that, the interface is quite old, so it might not be easy to navigate. However, if you remember that you pay nothing for the services they provide, you won’t mind such disadvantages.

  1. Flickr.

You can always search for images on this website. In fact, this is by far one of the most popular sites with both free pictures as well as ones you have to pay for.

To get images you are searching for, just insert the search request in an individual field and you will get a page of search results. However, bear in mind that not all pictures there are free of charge, so be careful.

The free images are located in the Creative Commons section, so you can search in that category right away to save your time.

The navigation system is incredibly easy to use, so check it out – and you will never regret it!

  1. FreeDigitalPhotos.

This stock contains more than just pictures, so, whenever you need free PowerPoint presentations, documents, or projects created with use of other software, as well as Photoshop images, you can search this resource to see what they have. Besides, whatever you find there can be edited and used for both personal and commercial purposes.

Moreover, they have a significant number of images users can save absolutely free of charge. So, if you look for visual aids for your blog, website, or any other online resource, come and pick some of the best samples here.

These resources have been a huge help to many content managers and bloggers. Users want to see things and not merely read texts, no matter how high their quality is. That’s why, if you have no time to take or create pictures, but you still want to achieve the best results with your content by making it more visual, these stocks can save you a lot of time and effort. Therefore, save this list to use it later or check out these websites right away and pick which one you like best. Good luck!

Author’s Bio:

Kevin Nelson started his career as a research analyst and has changed his sphere of activity to writing services and content marketing. Currently, Kevin works as a part-time writer at the BeforeWriting.


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