The Negative Effects of Technology in Teenagers

We all know that the technology is very useful for the purpose of education and for marketing; it is very helpful for students in order to get information regarding their studies. However, on the other hand, its excessive use can bring harmful effects in several ways. Since the technology has penetrated in our lives, most importantly it has brought some serious side effects in teenager’s life.

In this digital world, the technology has been integrated into human’s DNA; the young teenagers are obsessed with the use of technology in the shape of social media and excessive use of the internet. They always prefer to use the technological creatures over the real world activities, which may cause different sort of health hazards among the youth.  There are several ways in which technology can damage teenagers which are following.

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The harmful effects of technology on teenager’s Health:

According to the medical science, the body of teenagers is in developing process and they are starting to make the health habits, and they follow their habits till their adulthood. Most of the young children spend almost 21 hours watching television and plenty of hours using social media apps and social websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Vine, Tinder, tumbler and many others, according to some studies. Therefore, teenagers have some health hazards like anxiety, depression, obesity, eye infection, ill sleeping patterns and number of physical and psychological issues.

Negative effects of technology on teenager’s education:

The young children often do seven basic things in the digital world, such as social networking, texting, emails, watching television, using smartphones and videos games. So these types of activities excessively make them lazy and they will not be able to focus, ultimately they don’t perform well in school.

Technology’s negative effect on teen’s behavior:

We often have seen that, on television or in films, teens take their cues from it in the shape of alcohol and drugs and after watching all these things they go for repeating the same things which they have seen in the films. They do all these bad habits in order to get appreciation from their fellows that they have done very cool things, so ultimately the young children tend towards bad habits which ultimately change their behavior towards negative perspective.

Technology put teenager’s safety at risk:

The most dangerous part of technology is the use of internet and watching adult videos content, though it’s not clear yet but most of the teenagers spreading carnal content and pictures through their smartphones. While watching and sharing the adult videos there are high chances of being aimed bisexual predators. This is one of the most dangerous and rapidly increasing factors in young children’s life, which may cause some serious risks to their safety.

Parents are very worried about the negatives of technology on their kids, how they are enabled to monitor and protect their young children.

What is the Solution?

It is the parents who can protect their young children from tech negative effects, especially teenagers use their smartphones and perform all of their activities like social media networking, texting, and internet surfing. So, parents can monitor all the activities they have done on their mobile devices.

In this contemporary world, there is plenty of monitoring software are available, so parents should choose a perfectly powerful and secure monitoring software like TheOneSpy. It is the world no.1 safe and sound monitoring app which enables parents to monitor all the activities of their teenagers 24/7 having 16 instant messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Tumblr, Vine, yahoo and many others and more than 130 features.

Author Bio:

Aline Carrara is a professional writer and blogger, working with kids monitoring software to show her skills as a senior writer. She loves to write about technology, digital parenting, and relationship issue and their solutions.


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