The Biggest Web Design Trends for E-Commerce this 2016

In a fast-changing world where new technologies are born daily, you need to keep up with the emerging trends to stand out from the competition, or choose to be left behind.

“If you can’t beat them, join them.” You always hear that quote, right? It holds true for surviving and finding success in the world of e-commerce. You need to adapt, keep up, and take advantage of the emerging e-commerce trends. You always have to be in the know about the rising trends and technology that relate to e-commerce such as web design and web development.

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Your online store is your door to the accomplishment of your e-commerce goals. You can either hit it or miss it. But, with the right team of web developers and designers, you can establish a strong online presence, reach more customers, and improve your e-commerce sales conversion.

So, if you’re planning to give your online store a new look, you must consider the biggest web design trends that dominate the e-commerce industry today.

Full-Width Background Image

Nowadays, images sell more than the text. High-quality images do more than just promoting your products and services effectively. They also capture your customer’s attention to make a purchase. Large, full-width images as backgrounds are now rising as one of the most engaging and professional-looking web design trends.

Background Video and Animation

Large backgrounds work well with home pages, yet they can also be used in product pages to make your products more desirable and appealing to your potential customers. With full-width background images, your e-commerce site can look sleek, compelling, and neat. This trend works well with almost all types of online shops.

According to studies, large images drive high conversion levels because they make people stop and take notice. A few of the many examples of e-commerce sites that use full-width background images are Bedding Stock and Eye Heart World.

Background Video and Animation

Besides large and full-width images, background video and animation also trend regarding web design. An automatic background video is another great way to hook your online visitors to your e-commerce site. More than that, it allows these visitors to be more engaged and attentive to what your online shop has to offer.

Background Video and Animation

On the other hand, using rich animations such as button spins, loading bars, icon rotations, etc. can leave a strong positive impact on your online visitors which can turn into shoppers. For inspiration on how to employ animation to your site, you can check Fleet Feet Sports’ site.

In following this trend, just make sure that your video or animations would not interfere with your e-commerce site’s loading speed. One great inspiration for this trend is Peugeot’s website. As you visit their site, acar video will welcome you. More than that, an interactive game waits where you can drive Peugeot like you would in real time.

Responsive Web Design

Having a responsive e-commerce site is more than just following the trend. It is a necessity. Nowadays, shoppers aren’t only doing their online shopping through desktops. In fact, most of them are now browsing and shopping on different mobile devices. A responsive web design can help increase your e-commerce site’s potential to sell.

Responsive Web Design

According to Criterion Reports, the majority of consumers will complete most of their online shopping journeys through multiple devices. Also, shopping on the smart phone will continue to progress. With this reality, you have to have an e-commerce site that will be fully responsive from desktop to mobile devices to large screen devices like TVs.

To fully take advantage of this progressing trend, as an online merchant, you must understand your customers’ online shopping journey across different browsers, apps, and devices. You also have to make sure that you offer the same customer experience across devices, browsers, and channels. See sites like Burberry and Firebox for inspiration.

Prioritized Navigation / Hidden Menus

Minimalism now trends in designing e-commerce websites to keep them sleek and to save screen space. This is why the popularity of hidden menus or hamburger menus continues to grow. Hidden menus help clean the clutter on e-commerce websites. These menus are originally designed for use on mobile but is now making way for desktop designs.

Prioritized Navigation / Hidden Menus

To effectively employ this web design trend, tuck away less important or secondary navigation in a hidden menu icon. For online visitors, too many given options decrease conversions by 10x. Prioritize your site’s navigation options to increase your opportunities for a higher conversion. You can also design your main CTA as a button for higher click ability.

Hidden menus are now widely used by many popular online stores such as House of Fraser.

Personalized User Experience

To establish a personal connection with the customers which then leads to a higher sales conversion, e-commerce brands now personalize a customer’s shopping experience. To personalize the shopping experience of your customers or patrons, you can customize the shopping services you offer through your site.

For example, you can tailor their shopping and purchasing process through their shopping history. You can also provide more relevant product suggestions depending on their previous purchases and product searches.

Your customer’s or visitor’s location, browsing and buying activity, and other data can also be utilized to create a more personalized UX.Personalization increases your potential to convert visitors to shoppers and shoppers into sales.

Pop-Up Advertisements

Although pop-up ads are annoying to some online users, they are discovered to successfully increase sales conversion. When used and placed strategically on your e-commerce website, pop-ups can yield positive results. If pop-up ads aren’t effective, why are many e-commerce companies still using them? Think about it.

Pop-Up Advertisements

You can make use of pop-up ads to entice a potential customer to avail of your promos, discount coupons, or, at least, subscribe to your online store’s newsletter. But, you must remember to leave escape routes for your visitors so they won’t feel trapped. With pop-ups, timing should also be considered – not too soon, but not too late.

Simply put it this way. Make sure that your pop-up offers something that’s worth interrupting your visitors or customers. See Kipling’s great example of an entry pop-up below.

Do not allow your e-commerce business be left behind! Utilize the above web design trends for the success of your business!

Author Bio: Japs Buidon is a Social Media Specialist and SEO from Always Open Commerce. He loves hiking as well as electronics.


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