How to Surf Web Faster on your Mobile Phone

If you’ve ever used your phone to browse the internet, you know the familiar frustrating feeling of waiting for the pages to load. And of course the even more frustrating ones that follow when the loaded page either interrupts what you were doing or having to go back and repeat both these steps if you want to read something else. Well, those problems just got taken care of by a wonderful app called Link Bubble Browser.

  1. Link Bubble Browser is an application that will completely redefine the way you browse the net on your phone. To get best use out of the app, remember to set it as your default browser after you install it. The app works on the concept of bubbles in that it creates a bubble for each link you open and opens it in the background. Gone are the days of waiting for a page to load of buffer – you can now keep doing whatever you want while it loads in the background! You can even toggle settings so that even after loading, the bubble stays in the background until you call upon it, so you’re not interrupted. It’s a fantastic way of browsing the web.

surf web faster

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  1. In addition to eliminating those pesky annoyances and saving you time, there’s another great feature of Link Bubble Browser that makes your life easier. It’s probably the simplest and most efficient way of sharing content you’ll find. The app is synced with a large number of networks and makes sharing literally a one touch process. All in all, a great app, well worth checking out!

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