How to stop Google from tracking your Smartphone

One of the biggest advantages of using smart phones is the fact that you can receive customized information, products and services based on your location everywhere you go (like Google Maps, Google Now, local listing in search results etc.) To be able provide you such a highly customized local experience on your smart phone, Google is constantly tracking and recording your location information everywhere you go. Your family members sometimes may not know where you are, Google has that information at all times. While there are lots of advantages in letting Google track your location, if you are concerned about your location information getting into the wrong hands then it is advisable to change the setting on your Smartphone and prevent Stop Google from tracking your every movement.

  1. From the time you start the Google apps on your phone by defaults your location information starts automatically getting tracked and recorded by Google. To view all your location history that has been recorded by Google opens your browser to and sign into your Google account. Using the calendar, you can choose any date in the past and automatically your location history from that day will get displayed in the Google map on the right. You can even use the play button to reply your exact location movements at different times on the selected date. You will probably be surprised to see how detailed and accurate Google’s location history records are about your movements.
  1. The good news is that Google gives you the option to permanently delete location history from a particular day or all your location history with a single click.

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  1. To prevent Google from recording your location information in the future, the on each of your Android device, go to Settings > Locations > Google Location Reporting and them turn off the Location Reporting and Location History options. For even higher security, turn off the location feature on your phone completely during times you don’t want to be tracked or even better switch off your phone completely.
  1. Similarly on your iPhone device, to prevent Google from your recording your location information, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and then one by you disable location access on all the Google apps you are using.


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