Six Ways to Generate More Leads From Twitter

Generating leads from Twitter can be both easy as well as hard. The success depends on the quality of Followers and how well you know the Twitter platform. If you can engage a highly-targeted audience on the social networking site, you will win. Unlike other social sites, Twitter doesn’t capture a lot of details about users such as Job Title, employment history, personal details, etc. The targeting is mainly done by what users discuss on the site. Thus, you need to have an excellent understanding of your audience interest and behavior. The good news is Twitter Ad platform has made it easy for you target users.

In addition to the targeting, you should also use some tools which can automate certain tasks. Else, it may be overwhelming to manage a sea of data from the platform.

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Here are six strategies to generate leads from Twitter:

Spy your competitors and Industry Leaders

Tracking your competitors and industry leaders help in many ways. You will know in advance what kind of content is working well in your industry. Moreover, when someone uses Twitter to register a complaint to your competitors, you can jump in and offer help. Also, you can track users who are engaging with your competitors and industry leads and engage them with your content. Remember that a majority of the users who are engaging with your competitors are your potential customers. Thus, by tracking them, you are mainly stealing competitors’ marketing efforts on the social networking site.

For instance, a user registers a complaint to GoDaddy (you will find a plenty of complaints and tweets), they may be the potential customer for a web design or a marketing agency. Companies can develop new relationships by sending a tweet to the users and offering immediate help related to their domain or hosting challenges.

Track Keywords

As I mentioned above, Twitter is all about conversations. If you want to generate leads from Twitter, you need to understand your customers’ conversation on the platform. Conversations can be tracked by monitoring primary and secondary keywords. For instance, if you are a leadership coach, your main keywords could be “leadership,” “strategy,” “growth,” “Personal Development,” etc. The secondary keywords could be related to politics, business functions, industries, etc. In this particular case, the secondary keywords could be “Sales,” “Marketing,” ‘Communication,” “Brand,” etc. Remember that direct or indirect keyword is nothing but a way of segregating the conversations to create a pipeline of the prospects.

You can even create a single list of keywords and target them as a whole. With time, you should refine the keywords to make your targeting precise.

Use Twitter Ads

Twitter ads are meant for lead generation. Its Lead Generation Cards are very useful in generating relevant leads. With Twitter Ads, you can also upload a list of current customers, and it will create an audience which shares similar attributes as your clients. This tool is useful only when you already have customers in a particular country.

While using Twitter ads for lead generation, keep following things in mind:

1) Set up the conversion tracking

2) Choose the type of campaign which is suitable for your business objective

3) Continuously refine the ad targeting options – until you get a perfect target audience

4) Don’t use automatic bidding – Set a bid which is profitable for your business

5) Measure the metrics and optimize campaigns to improve performance

Use Ad Exchange Programs

If you want to run a hashtag campaign or generate a lot of traffic to your site, use Ad Exchange programs such as SponsoredTweets, MyLikes, and  The Ad Exchange platforms are the marketplace for advertisers and Twitter users. So, advertisers can set objectives such as clicking a link, retweeting or access to users account for a fixed period and pay users based on their activities and performance.

Ad Exchange platforms are gaining popularity and can be highly effective running publicity or awareness campaigns.

Influencers Marketing

Many studies have shown that influencer marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. If done properly, you can generate a large number of leads at a very low cost.

Search for influencers in your industry who have a large following and decent engagement on Twitter. They are the celebrities who command authority in your field and can influence the decision of potential customers. Research more about the selected influencers and give them an offer they can’t refuse. They will discuss your offerings among their community in their style. Their endorsement of your products can be immensely helpful in improving your brand’s credibility and generating more leads on the platform.

Host Contest

Brands host Twitter contests to engage audiences and promote their products or services. You can use the Twitter Sweepstakes in the competition. Sweepstakes ensure that the users enter their email id to get into the contest. You can get a vast number of leads through the contest. However, since a lot of leads can be irrelevant (as many people participate in all kind of contests), you need to follow it up with an email marketing campaign to filter the relevant leads.


The power of Twitter can be limited only by your imagination. The politicians, celebrities, and leaders across industries are already using Twitter to their advantage. Now it is your turn to turn the platform into a lead generation machine. The techniques mentioned above will help you get started in the right direction.

Author’s Bio:

Anthony Bergs is a project manager at writers per hour. He always keeps an eye on the marketing sector to implement the best innovations into the strategies that he builds. He’s always open for new connections and partnerships.

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