How to search the Internet anonymously

Most of us are dependent on Google for getting easy and quick access to information on just about everything. Be it news, movies, flights, directions, weather and even research .we go to Google seeking all kinds of information. While Google has made our life much simpler, have you ever wondered what Google does with all your search activity information?  Try searching for flights on the internet using Google and you will go soon be bombarded with advertisements for cheap flights everywhere you go online. This happens because if you are signed into your Google account while searching online. Google keeps a record of all your internet searches along with your personal identify information (that you provided while creating your Gmail account). In case you are not signed in, your search requests are still being recorded and tracked using cookies and your IP address. Advertisers are willing to pay a premium to advertise to users whose interests are known (like they are looking to book flights) than users about whom nothing is known. Not only are advertisers making use of your private search data, even government agencies around the world often seek search data of specific users from Google. This raises concerns among users about the amount of personal information that Google store about them. Even if you are not breaking any laws or doing anything illegal, it is not comforting to know that a private company has access to so much personal information about you and your personal life.

To view your personal search history stored with Google, open your browser to and log into your Google account. If you were to analyze the search history logs, you will be shocked to see how much personal information it reveals about you and your life.

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search Internet anonymously

If you are worried about your privacy while searching online, then Start Page is a good alternative search engine. It shows you the exact same results that Google does, but the difference is that Google does, but the difference is that your privacy remains protected. The way this website manages this is by letting you do a Google search through a proxy server which protects your IP Address, your location and even keeps away the tracking cookies. By using Start Page, you can continue to search the web like you normally do, but at the same time your privacy is protected.


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