How to reduce spam calls and messages on your Phone

Have you ever received a SMS text message informing you about the huge fortune left behind by your long-lost Nigerian uncle? Have you ever received a phone call from somebody presenting to be your bank offering you a special higher interest rate on your savings? Are you regularly disturbed by annoying telemarketers, phone scams or spam messages? While adding yourself to the Do Not Disturb list of government and your cellphone operator helps, despite that there are many calls and messages that manage to make their way to your phone through the cracks. The good news is that there is an app available for blocking unwanted phone calls and SMS text messages on your phone.

  1. NumberCop is a mobile app that helps you block spam calls and text messages on your phone. It is currently available for both Android and iOS devices. Think of the NumberCop app as the Antivirus software that protects you from spam calls and messages.
  1. The Interface of the NumberCop app is extremely user friendly making it very easy for users to manage the blocked and allowed lists. At any time you can start or pause the NumberCop app by tapping the power button in the app.

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  1. By default, the NumberCop app will automatically block all messages and calls from numbers already present in its Spam Index. If you want to report a number of a spammer, fraudster or violator, then simply tap on the Report Number button.
  1. To create your own customized block or allowed list, tap the My Numbers button and add any personal numbers that you wish to block or unblock.
  1. If you have received a SMS text message that you wish to scan and investigate for scams and risky links, then tap the Lookup Text Message button, import the text message you wish to investigate and press Lookup Within a few seconds, the Number Cop will search their database of know frauds and tell you if the next message is safe or not.

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