How to Promote Your Social Game through Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media website over the web. Social games like Online Rummy, Poker, and others are in trend these days. People love to play them as they have an opportunity to connect with people around the world along with playing their favorite game. And what could be better than promoting a social game on the biggest social media platform. If you wish to get the best possible results with your social game, it is mandatory to promote it on this platform. But the real question is how should you promote your game in a proper way?

Paid promotion

This is the obvious choice because you can pay Facebook to promote your game. It lets your game a chance to be noticed by millions of players and that on its own can be very good for you. However, every player will play the game and you might have to deal with a possible relapse from the players out there. So, this is a good option but the depends on what you sell, if it’s attractive enough to win the player’s attention then you can count on the success of your game.

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Ask current followers to share

If your game has an engaging factor, then your followers will be more than happy to share it among their friends. This sharing will help in a wildfire promotion of game.
The results are stellar here as well although again, but again not everyone might be ok with promoting your game. It all comes down to options here and in the end the results can be extraordinary to begin with.


You can also promote your game through contests. This is a lot of fun because it helps boost the game play and take it to new heights. It’s a ton of fun for the audience. Everyone wins here and you will be very happy with the results as well. Of course, since this is a contest you do need to figure out which is the best thing to give away as a reward.


One can also add pools on Facebook which would entice people to check out your game and then share if they like it. Curiosity is a very good factor here and it all comes down to you to make the most out of this. Granted, it will be a challenge but it will definitely be worth of your time for sure.

Post game teases often

Images work as great teasers and you can even create a video that showcases your game. Make them want more all the time and encourage people to visit the game link. This is what will offer value and a great time for the audience so does remember to act on this to get the best possible outcome.
In the end, there are many creative ways which you can use in order to promote your social game on Facebook. It all comes down to you and your audience. Take your time, focus on results and don’t hesitate to use these ideas as they will be well worth your time.


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