How to permanently disappear from the Internet

Are you fed up of the Internet and ready to delete yourself from the Internet and permanently disappear from the online world? While disappearing from the Internet may sound like a cool thing to do, before you go down that path, it is advisable to think carefully about whether you actually want to do it or not because deleting yourself from the internet is not a reversible process and you may end up losing all your data forever. If you are still interested, then continue reading.

  1. To permanently delete your Facebook account with no option for recovery, sign into your account and open your browser to and click on the Delete My Account button.
  1. To erase your Twitter account, go to Settings and click on the Deactivate my Account link and your account will immediately get deleted. However, it will still take a few weeks before you stop appearing in Google search results.
  1. To delete your LinkedIn Profile, go to Privacy & Settings > Account and then on the Close your account link.

permanently disappear

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  1. To successfully disconnect yourself from the hyperactive world of social network you will need to delete your profile from all other less popular social networking sites that you may be a part of as well. For a complete list of websites and direct links to the respective pages that allow you to delete your account, open your browser to
  1. 5. In case there are any accounts that are you unable to delete, then it is recommended that you remove all the content from that account settings and provide false contact information like a fake email address, fake name and fake city and so on. The idea is to distance yourself from accounts that you cannot delete as much as possible so that people cannot that account with you.


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