How to Password Protect Photos & Videos On Your Mobile Phone

In the age of sexing and leaked sex tapes, it is important to secure any private photos, audio files and video files that you might have in the gallery of your mobile phone. This will ensure that your gallery items are safe from the prying eyes of everybody who has access to your phone.

  1. Folder Lock is an Android app that allows you to password protect your personal files, photos, videos, documents, contacts and audios recording stored in your Android phone. The first time you run the Folder Lock app on your phone. You will be asked to set a master password to secure your gallery items and a password recovery email address.

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  1. The next step is to import the file that you wish to password protect form the gallery of your phone to the Folder Lock app.
  1. All the files that you import into the Folder Lock app will no longer be accessible at their original locations on your mobile phone. The only way to access the secured files will be by starting the Folder Lock app and entering the master password to unlock protects items.


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