How to manage your social media from anywhere

Today almost everyone with an internet connection is involved with social networking in one way or another. This makes for a more varied and interesting life, but it also makes for a great deal of you time invested as well as you finding yourself constantly flipping between sites and application. Which in itself is of course, hardly productive use of time? It can’t be helped though, unless all the social networks in the world were magically unified. That’ll never happen, but thanks to a wonderful little application, the next best thing has – you being able to manage all your social Medias together, form just one place, no matter where you are. It’s called Hoot suite and it might be the single greatest social media innovation since social media!

  1. Basically what Hootsuite does is it enables you to collate all your social media under one roof. .The first thing to do after you’ve signed up will be to add your social media networks. Once you do that and run the application you’ll be taken to the Hoot suit dashboard. Here you can add streams, schedule messages and so on. Adding the streams is especially useful because it enables you to collect all your social media in one place.


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  1. We touched upon scheduling message earlier. Hoot suite makes, this especially handy if you like to cross post on networks, as you just need to choose which one you want the message to appear on, But course the most obvious features of the app is that once you’ve completed your setup, you’ll see everything you’d have seen on all your social networks (depending on how many you added) right here!

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  1. Another excellent feature is that Hoot suite lets you know when someone mentions you and lets you reply and/or interact with them directly from the application. It’s a fantastic and really time saving feature. But it goes even beyond that. One of my favorite features of the application is that it lets you reply to people if you want, right from the application itself! It’s productivity enhancing features like this that really make it merit a place in this book.

Hoot suit also comes equipped with ways to understand and track your social media better. You can track posts where you’re mentioned, re-tweets, followers and a host of other things. And that’s just on Twitter! The application also provides detailed analytic reports of activity and other aspects of your social media in the pro version. It’s fantastic addition that makes a science out of an already excellent concept. All in all, it’s a brilliant application and it definitely will change the way you look at managing social networks and media.

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