How to manage your calendar efficiently

Life today is more hectic and varied as it’s ever been; we have more connection, more things we’re interested in, and way more things we need to make time for. In short, life must now be planned and planned well, if one is to avoid unnecessary hiccups. Virtually everyone maintains a planner or a calendar, but thanks to social networking and the internet where dozens of schedules clash on a daily basis, even just calendar isn’t enough anymore. Which makes this the ideal time to introduce you to a really useful app that sorts out this problem for you? It’s called Sunrise Calendar.

  1. Sunrise is a free calendar app that in a nutshell takes over the seemingly impossible job of co-coordinating your entire calendar – from across accounts and presenting your entire schedule to you in one fell swoop. To get Sunrise, just download the application. You’ll then need to create and account by singing up with your Google account. Click on the Account button in the center to start the process. Once that’s done, you’ll be given the option to sync it with your other accounts, including social media like Facebook and Twitter. And although people often get wary when application asks for permission like these, in this case at least, it’s strongly recommended that you grant it!
  1. Once you’ve started up Sunrise, the next thing to look at is the bar on the left of the home screen. This basically your go-to zone, where you can adjust setting for the calendar, as well as add additional accounts. In short, this is the engine room of the app, where you’ll create the customization you want to see. And Sunrise comes with a wealth of them. You can choose to mark out important dates according to religion, country, or even sporting events like the World Cup and a host of other filters. You can even set it to track matches of your favorite team in your favorite sport and mark them on your calendar for you! There’s also an option to remove the sidebar from view and look at just the calendar if you want to.

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  1. Another grit thing about Sunrise is that it not only collates and manages all your calendars – it also lets you decide how much or little information you see and according to what category. For instance, in the sidebar, you’ll have a number of options to check off/choose. Your Google events are kept separate from your Facebook and so on – so you can easily track commitments according to network instead of date if you so wish. Or you can view your complete calendar. It’s totally up to you!
  1. One more thing to keep in mind is the orange Sunrise icon at the top center of the calendar. If and when you have new notifications, his is where they’ll show up. But perhaps the best thing about Sunrise, however, is the online support. This syncs with your device, so if you need to check your calendar, but don’t have access to the device where you have Sunrise, you’re still fine – because when you visit the Sunrise site, you’ll find your calendar there, waiting! When we talked about managing calendars efficiently, that’s exactly what was meant. Sunrise manages your calendars-even when you don’t have your Sunrise with you. Now that’s efficient!

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