How to manage your browser tabs better

One of the most often quoted cliches about today’s information Age is the one about how it’s harder to manage information than gain access to it. Which is something you’ve probably experienced?

Like when you’ve got more tabs open than you can count. It’s something that happens to everyone almost every day, so why not look at a few apps that makes it easier and more efficient to manage them?

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  1. One of my favorite tab management application is OneTab  It’s particularly useful software because it actually saves memory when you have a large number of tabs open. If you’ve ever overloaded your browser, you’ll know how irritating it is to have your computer react in what seems like slow motion! OneTab provides an excellent answer to this issue. To get it, all you need to do is visit the website mentioned and adds it to your browser.


  1. OneTab works by converting all your tabs to an easy to access list, freeing up your memory and making it much easier to access the ones you want to. It even gives you the option of sharing the tabs to your mobile device or tablet.
  1. Another common situation you tend to encounter when you have a lot of tabs open is when you want to save a tab to access it later, or sometimes a lot more than one An excellent application that helps you do exactly that is TabCloud. It gives you the incredibly convenient option of having a whole collection of tabs just a click away.


  1. But TabCloud gives you more option than just saving your tabs. You can even name collections of tabs to keep track of them, which of course gives you the very useful option of saving your tabs as collections arranged by subject, or even mood-which saves you a lot more time than you might realize!


Another thing and probably the most common trouble when you have lots of tabs, is just keeping track of them and managing them which is where TooManyTabs comes in it’s a fantastic way of just managing your tabs. Like the other applications mentioned here, it’s free to just add to your browser. Where TooManyTabs really scores though, is because it gives you the option to demarcate between idle and active tabs to free up memory. What’s more, you can even search for specific tabs and import and export them!


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