Lead Generation: How to Do It Right

It goes without saying that lead generation is one of the most common tasks businesses deal with nowadays. Finding a potential client that might show interest in your product or service and then help them make it to the point where they actually  purchase something –  is not a rocket science. However, this process usually takes a lot of time and effort before you come up with the right strategy and figure out what works effectively.

A potential client showing an interest in your product or service is called a lead, and the process of finding them is known as lead generation. We all know that feeling when your phone rings in the middle of the day, you pick it up only to hear an annoying voice trying to convince you how much you really need their latest electric power saw. And it’s one thing if you work with wood and this new saw is what you’ve always dreamy about, but in most cases this “cold call” is no more than just waste both of your time and time of this company.

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So how to avoid wasting time while looking for potential clients? And what is even more important, how to maintain a good company image and not be considered annoying and desperate for clients? Prominent specialists state that there are several techniques and tips you can apply to the lead generation process that will help you achieve outstanding results:

You can create a blog, as this is the foundation for inbound marketing. Brian Halligan believes that inbound marketing is perfect for entrepreneurs from the sector of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), who don’t have large advertising budgets.

In addition, this method is simply more consistent with the time spirit when expensive advertising market giant’s campaign turns a waste of money: according by Gallup Media statistics, 86% of viewers switch channels on their TVs as soon as a promotional ad appears on the screen, and 44% of respondents have never opened direct promotional emails.

  1. As a part of gaining trust move, you can create an account with Quora where you will answer different questions of the users. Reading your posts and following you on Quora, they will one day turn into leads that trust you and value your opinion.


  1. Call your users to actions. Create a pop-up window on your landing page or a website. And remember to always be ready for experiments with it. There is no such a thing as an unimportant change. Even the color of the button can be a key to a growing interest of your customers to leave you their contacts.


  1. Since we are talking about gaining trust with your product, we will emphasize that you need to be transparent. A potential user will not sign up if your deal does not seem clear enough. For instance, if you offer them a free one-month trial, put it in a way to be clear for the client.


  1. Remember of people that do not read long articles. Give them a chance to see how your product works through a video tutorial.


  1. In case you created a video tutorial with clear explanation of how your product works, use the Wistia Turnstile to your videos. This service will offer the viewers to subscribe to your newsletters at any point of the video you choose.


  1. Make your landing page user-friendly. Add only the main points the user has to know about your product and explain how it will meet their needs. The user won’t go through long explanations, and won’t try too hard to understand how your page works. So make it simple to increase conversion.


  1. Use helpful services like Unbounded to make your landing page work for you. As the experience of even the biggest companies showed, Unbounded are experts in lead generation and conversion. So use their services and experience.


  1. Reduce the space a pop-up subscription window occupies. Make sure to make your subscription form smaller.


  1. In case you know a great resource your potential clients will be using and reading to learn more information from the area your services come from make yourself known on that resource. You can pay the author for leaving your posts.


  1. Add reviews and testimonials on your landing page. We are saying that potential clients are mostly willing to buy from a trusted source rather than the one no one really knows. Ask your customers to leave their reviews and mention the number of people that have already used your services to make it look trustworthy. But remember “speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”.
All things considered, there are numerous ways for you to boost your popularity and generate leads. So take time and remember to be creative.
Author Bio : My name is Kevin and I’m a content writer and blogger ( Thewritingkid ) . I like sharing my thoughts with people through words.


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