Is Bad Grammar Affecting Your Business?

Every company wants to drive people to its site. One of the major tools being used to do this is a high-quality content generation. Yet so many people are getting it wrong.

Firstly, let’s look at why content creation should be a priority at all. Similar to everyday life, first impressions last. They are what people use to decide whether to continue engaging with you or not. Likewise, your online content is often the first point of contact you have with your target audience. If you make a bad first impression, you’ve lost their interest. And their business.

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Bad grammar is easy to spot. Redundancy, confused tenses, hanging participles and misuse of punctuation all fall into this category. They can slow your reader down and make them lose interest.

Don’t believe us? You just have to look where first impressions are often most important to people: online dating sites.

In a study of 1700 adult online dates, editing and proofreading experts, Kibin, found that 43% of users consider bad grammar decidedly unattractive and 35% think good grammar is appealing. It’s obvious that poor grammar has an immediate effect on someone’s decision to engage with another.

Bad grammar can distract your reader from what you’re trying to say, change the content’s intended meaning and make you look incredibly unprofessional. And, at the end of the day, bad grammar leads to what no business wants: a missed opportunity to win over a new client.

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