How to Increase Productivity with Pomodoro Techniques

A common complaint everyone hears every day is about not being able to focus or devote attention to some task or the other. We’ve looked at a few apps that help with planning and organization, but this one is markedly different from them because it doesn’t just help you organize tasks – it actually uses scientific techniques & Pomodoro technique to help boost your focus. This also sums up why the application itself is called focus booster.

It’s a really useful little application with quit a novel approach to boosting your efficiency with Pomodoro technique, as well shall see.
  1. Focus booster works by using a proven technique called the Pomodoro technique. In simple terms, what is says is that when you work in short sharp sessions, punctuated by small breaks for a walk or coffee, your overall productivity tends to improve dramatically. These sessions are called Pomodoro technique sessions rather than a long, plodding haul of work. Focus booster channel this technique by working as virtual timer for your pomodoro sessions. It’s a really interesting way to boost productivity – and not surprisingly, it works!


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  1. To get focus booster, just visit the website to download it. Once you run it for the first time, you’ll need to sign in with your email address and set up your tasks. The app uses a client/hours nomenclature, which is especially useful if you’re being paid by the hour, but basically all it means is you need to set up your tasks/ pomodoro sessions by name and priority level and you can use it just as well. All this happens online at your focus booster HQ. Once that’s done, you can run the application and it’ll sync with your account at focus booster HQ.


  1. Once you run the application, take look at the icons on the bar to the left of the screen. These are all pretty useful. For instance, the person icon enables you to sign in and out of your HQ in order to add or update clients, Needless to say, each time you do make a change in HQ, focus booster syncs with it to remain in steps.

pomodoro technique

  1. Another important icon is the one that looks like a little alarm clock. This is the bread and butter bit of focus booster, where you can see the time for your task wind down. By default it gets set to 30 minutes, although you can customize this to your convenience although we’ll look at that in just a bit. When you click on the time icon, you can see your tasks, time left, as well as countdown audio and sound alert when rime’s run out, if you want to hear them. If not, you can easily disable the sound option. And as an added bonus, focus booster will also generate reports on your performance at the end of sessions so you can quantitatively track the effectiveness.


  1. As with any app there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all, and so, being able to customize your app experience is of crucial importance to how well it works for you. Focus booster scores her as well. To set your preferences, just click on the icon in your focus booster window and you can set up your sessions and breaks as per your convenience, even t the point of deciding when your long break (which by default comes after four short sessions) should kick in. It’s a simple, yet tremendously effective way of really getting the best out of the application.


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