How to stay focused on your tasks

Another one of the most common issue often faced at the workplace is one of tunnel vision, as some experts put it. In short, staying focused on your tasks in this age of distractions is one of the most common complaints virtually everyone deals with. In facts, performance and productivity counselors list this as one of the most common questions they field on a daily basis. “How do I stay focused on my tasks” is certainly not a questions that you’re asking alone.It’s another very useful application designed just for moments like these, and it’s so useful its now one of the most popular productivity apps of all.

  1. OmniFocus as mentioned earlier is one of the best productivity apps on the Mac platform. To get it, simply go to the link provided and download the apps. One thing you’ll need to keep in mind though, is that the application only works on OS X 10.10 and above, so you might need to install Yosemite on your machine before you do. Don’t worry though, the OS is a free upgrade! When you’ve done the needful, just move the purple OmniFocus icon to your application folder and then double click to run the application.
  1. Once you run OmniFocus you’ll find yourself at a home screen that comes loaded with a bunch of options. Don’t worry though – it’s actually a really simple app to use, To begin with, pay special attention to the left side of the screen. This is called the sidebar and is the basic go-to zone for setting up your tasks in OmniFocus. You can use it to set up projects. Within each project, you can list tout actions (tasks) and timelines.
  1. Once you set up a new project, you’ll need to dente and list out the actions contained in it. You can also set up a start and due date for each action. You can even flag them for importance. OmniFocus will then remind you just at the right time. The advantage of this application is it doesn’t bother you with pesky reminders all the way to the start time of your tasks – it’ll kick into action at just the time you need to start thinking about it. In fact, by smartly managing the start dates, you can easily focus on just one thing at a time without worrying about anything else, knowing that when the time comes, OmniFocus will be there will be to remind you to do it.

stay focused on your tasks

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  1. The sidebar also has some other features that are both useful and efficient. For instance, you’ll find an potion called ‘forecasts’. What this does is, it lets you look at all your upcoming tasks, arranged by stat date and due date, and basically lets you look at what you’re facing in the days or weeks ahead. You can even set it up to forecast a week a week or a month, depending on your preferences. Forecasting is great way to look at your schedule and just stay on top of what lies ahead.
  1. Another great option in OmniFocus is the contexts option. You’ll find this in the sidebar too. It lest you set up a whole range of contexts, which is especially useful when it comes to separating personal and professional tasks. You can use Context to separately set up Home, Office and even Friend tasks, so that taking someone shopping, setting up a conference call or reaching somewhere to watch a cricket match, and the dozens of other activities can easily be placed into their respective boxes. It’s actually a tremendously useful way of streamlining and simplifying your life – to the extent that once you start doing it, you’ll wonder how you managed earlier!


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