How to Send Private Message to your Friends

The biggest priority for messaging apps like Whats App, Viber, Wechat and others is to acquire as many customers as possible and to find ways to make money from them. As a result, most of the popular messaging apps do not focus on privacy, data encryption and security as much as they should. If you are chatting with our friends on one of the popular messaging apps then there is a always a chance to that your messages could be intercepted and real by the government, your competitors or other malicious users. If you are worried about your privacy and want to keep your chat conversions completely confidential using the Wickr app.

  1. Wickr is a free messaging app that is available not only for mobile devices (Android and iOS) but also for computers (Windows and Linux). It allows you to send secure messages to your friends and family members grade encryption.
  1. Once you have installed Wickr on your phone, the first step is to create your own account by choosing a user name and password of your choice. Before you can start chatting with your friends you need to make sure that even they have installed Wickr on their phones.
  1. To send a secure encrypted message using the Wickr app, simply choose a recipient from your fiends list, type a message and tap the Send button. Not only can you send you secure encrypted text messages to your friends, but you also have the option to send encrypted photos, videos and file attachments. The best part about the Wickr app is that there is also an option to send self-destructive messages and media to your friends which will automatically get deleted after a predefined your communication with your friends automatically gets deleted (at both ends) and cannot be accessed by anybody in the future.

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  1. When the recipient receives your message, a notification gets displayed on their phones. When they tap the notification, for security reasons instead of the actual message getting on the screen a small lock gets displayed. To view the actual message, the recipient has to tap the lock icon. The self-destructive countdown timer will start only once the plaintext message gets displayed on the recipient’s screen.
  1. Once of the best features in the Wickr app is the secure Shredder that prevents deleted messages from being recovered from your mobile phone by erasing them permanently. This feature usually automatically run whenever required.


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