How to Remember all your Passwords

Research has shown that the average Internet user to remember passwords to 25 different accounts. Even for people with high IQ’s it is next to impossible to remember so many different passwords. The shortcut that has become popular among Internet users is to use the same passwords for all the different online accounts. While such a strategy makes it easy for people to remember passwords, it increases the risk of security breaches. For Example, if the password to any one of your accounts can steal, then it basically means that the cyber criminal can access all your other accounts as well. To prevent that from happening, users end up using weak password for their different accounts. Hackers on the others hand have started using even more sophisticated password cracking tools to crack passwords. This means that the only way to secure your online accounts is to use a different and strong password for each of your accounts and to then keep changing each of these passwords on a regular basis. Unless you are memory experts, you will struggle to do this without taking help of a password manager.

  1. One of my favorite passwords managers is the LastPass app which allows you to generate strong passwords. Manage them and store them securely. It is available as a free browser app for desktops and laptops (for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) and as a premium paid app for mobile phones.
  1. Before you can start using the LastPass app, the first step is to create an account for yourself and choose a strong and difficult –to-crack master password. Make sure you choose a strong password master that will be the only layer of security protecting all your passwords. Your master passwords should ideally be a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters. The longer then length of the master password. The harder it will be for a cyber criminal to crack it. As LastPass says, the master password may just become the last password you will ever to remember!
  1. Once you have completed the registration process, click on the LastPass button in the right top corner of your browser and log into your LastPass account.
  1. The next time you visit a website that requires you to enter sensitive information (like username, passwords, credit card etc) the LastPass app will ask you whether you want the app to remember the information for you. Click on the Save Site link to save the form data to the LastPass app.

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  1. The next time you visit the same website again. You will not have to remember and type in your details again. As long as you stay logged into your LastPass account, it will automatically enter all the details for you.
  1. The LastPass App also allows you to generate secure difficult-to-crack passwords for your online accounts just specify the password length, number of digits and type of characters you would like to choose and click on the Use Password button.
  1. If you are using an entrusted public computer and are worried that some malicious user might use a key logger, spyware or Trojan to steal your master password while you are typing it, then LastPass account using a One Time Password instead of your usual master password.


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