How to make encrypted secure Phone Calls

Talking on the phone is not exactly as secure as you would like to believe, since it is quite easy for the government, your mobile phone operator or maybe even a clever hacker to eavesdrop on all your conversations with somebody, then it is highly recommended that instead of making a regular phone call you make an encrypted secure phone call.

  1. RedPhone (available on Google Play) is a free Android app that allows you make encrypted secure phone calls & end-to-end encrypted VoIP phone calls over Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection using your normal phone number. It ensures that nobody can intercept your calls and eavesdrop on your conversations. The only caveat is that both parties on the call need to be using the RedPhone app (for iPhone users, there is an alternative available called the Signal app which is fully compatible with the RedPhone app).
  1. The first time you start the RedPhone app, it will ask your register and verify your phone number via SMS or phone call. Keeping in the mind the security and privacy of its users, the RedPhone app does not ask you to enter any details like your username, password, email address or anything else.


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  1. To start using RedPhone, you need to make sure that person you are calling is also using RedPhone (or Signal). All your contacts that are already on RedPhone will automatically get displayed on the screen whenever you launch the app.
  1. Tap on the name of the person you wish to call securely and the RedPhone app will automatically start the secure phone call for you. On the other person’s phone, a call notification screen (similar to the one that gets displayed when a regular call is received) gets displayed giving them a chance to either accept or reject the call.


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