How to Improve Your Focus With Music

One of the most common problems, whether working from office or home, is one of focus. In the information age we live in, where every click brings a new distraction, just being able to focus on your task is almost a luxury. And as you might know, trying to do it by sheer force of willpower doesn’t always work! But if technology makes it harder to focus, it also makes it easier, especially if you use an app that makes it easier to keep your mind on the job at hand.

  1. [email protected] ( is a really interesting application that tries to help you do exactly that and help you enjoy the process too, by using music to help you focus on the job- there’s a pretty wide range of choices, which we’ll get into in a moment. But perhaps the best thing about the application is that you can statistically gauge its effectiveness for you, since it comes with a built in productivity tracker.
  2. To get [email protected], all you need to do is go to the website and start your free 30 day trial. You’ll need to provide your email address while doing so. You’ll receive a confirmatory email and need to click on the links provide once you get it. The last step to activating your [email protected] is to answer a small survey (it consists of only two questions), that deal with why and how you want to use the application.
  3. Once you’ve set up your [email protected] account, it’s time to drive in. When you launch the application you’ll find a drop down menu on the right where you can choose the type of music you want to help you focus. There is several options available here – from Classical to Cinematic and Ambient and even Water sounds. You can even choose the energy level of the music to suit your preference. One really good thing about the app is that instead of skipping from track to track, [email protected] transitions between different tracks and genres in a seamless fashion- almost like a professional DJ!
  1. Other interesting features that the application provides include the ability to set a timer for how long you want the music to play. Another option that’s really helpful is the one accessed when you click on the music note icon on the bottom right of the application. This brings up a list of your recently heard tracks and artists-so you can see what’s working for you and what isn’t

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One more excellent feature of [email protected] as mentioned earlier is of course the productivity tracker. You can work out how well things are working by looking at graphical representations of the data via the tracker. What you need to do is rate your productivity towards the end of each session, and then sees how this option can be accessed at any time by clicking on the arrow icon located at the center right part of the application screen. This enables you to track productivity and efficacy of the application in improving your focus on a day to day basis, via an easy to read bar chart.


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