How to block annoying ads on the Internet

There are very few places on the Internet where you are not constantly bombarded by all sorts of web advertising including banner ads. Pop up ads, text ads and even video ads. While advertising is a great way for each giant like Facebook, Google and Twitter to make money, they are of little use to the rest of us. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for you to block advertisement on the Internet so that we can surf the web completely ad free?


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  1. Adblock Plus is a free browser extension that automatically block advertisement and annoying ads from your favorite websites like Facebook, Google, YouTube and others. It is currently available as a free download for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Once installed in your browser the next time you visit a website containing advertisements, Adblock Plus will automatically block advertisement for you.


  1. Usually when you search on Google, there are a bunch of text advertisements that get displayed above and next app in your browser, and then all there advertisements will automatically get blocked.

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  1. Generally on Facebook there are bunches of the text and display advertisements that are displayed in right hand side column, which can easily be blocked by using Adblock Plus.


  1. If you are watching videos on YouTube, then even before the video starts playing there is usually a short video ad that gets played. With the Adblock Plus app installed in your browser, the next time you visit YouTube, the annoying video ads will automatically get blocked and directly your video will start playing.

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