How to back up important data

It is best to assume that your hard disk will crash at some point of time or the other and make sure that you regularly back up important data so that you are prepared for the inevitable. One of my favorite data backup services is the Google Drive app which allows you to easily back up important data from your computer on the Google cloud so that they are accessible from anywhere on the web.


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  1. Open your browser to and download the Google Drive app to your computer.


  1. Google Drive will appear as a folder on your computer, making it easy for you to access it from your computer. Any files that you save in the Google Drive folder will automatically get backed up on the cloud in on the Google cloud on a periodic basis. This keeps your data safe in case your hard drive ever crashes. By default Google Drive, Gmail and Google+, which is more than enough for most people? You always have the option to buy additional storage in case it is required.


back up important data

  1. Whenever you want to access your files stored on the Google cloud, then you can open your browser to and log into your Google account. The best part about backing up your data on the Google Drive is that it protects your data with the same high level security that Google provides all Gmail users which includes SSL encryption, two step authentication and others.

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