How to hack proof your online accounts

Once of the easiest ways to hack proof your online accounts are surprisingly also the least technique, which is to enable 2-step verification on your accounts. Once you have enable two step authentication on your accounts, then the next time you try to login from a untrusted computer the along with providing your username and password to the website, you also to the need to enter a temporary One time password (OTP) which the website will send to your registered mobile phone via SMS text message or through an app. This means that if a cyber-criminal wants to hack into your online accounts they will not only need to steal your password but also somehow gain access to your mobile phones. Doing both these things simultaneously is quite hard, which means that the changes of somebody successfully hacking into your account will be quite low. Most Popular email and social networking website (like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and others) now support 2-step verification.

To hack proof your Gmail account you can enable 2-step verification on it by following the below steps:

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  1. Sign into your Gmail account; go to Account Settings and under the Signing in section look for 2-step verification and click on it to start the setup process. You may be promoted to re-enter your Gmail password to verify your identity.
  1. Enter the phone number to which you would like to receive the temporary One can choose to receive the temporary OTP password via SMS or voice call.
  1. Google will now send a temporary password to your phone. You need to type that into the provided to verify your phone number.
  1. In case you lose your phone, Google gives you the option to access your account from a trusted computer. You can choose if you want Google to trust the computer you are presently using.
  1. Click the confirm button and 2-step verification will be enable on your Gmail account. The next time somebody tries to long into your account from an unknown untrusted computer, then automatically OTP password without which they will not be allowed to login.

Google Authentication app

  1. By default Google sends you the temporary OTP password via SMS. However, you can also configure your account to receive the temporary OTP password via a mobile app if you want.
  1. In case you lose your mobile phone, it is highly recommended that you have some backup option in the place. You could either register a backup phone number with Google or you could per-generate some backup codes and store them at a safe location.
  1. To hack proof your Facebook account you can enable two step authentications on it by logging into your account, going to Settings > Security and then setting up the Code Generator. You can setup the to send temporary passwords to the Facebook app on your mobile device or to a third party authentication app like the Google Authentication app (available on both Android and iOS devices.)

9. Similarly you can enable login requests on your Twitter account by going to Settings > Security & Privacy. You can either configure the login requests to be sent to your phone via SMS or the twitter app.

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