How to get reminders to accomplish things


Another experience everyone has had at some point is that of making notes, and then forgetting about them, or even just forgetting something important. Not everyone can have personal assistant or someone to remind them all time – so they have to make do with trying to remember. Until recently, at least- because there are now a host of apps that do the job for you –some of them very efficiently my favorite of the lot, however, is Google Keep. It’s an excellent app that helps you make notes, arrange and priorities them, and most importantly sends you reminders abut them!

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  1. To get Google Keep, just log onto the website listed and add it. It’s available on several platforms and so compatibility isn’t an issue. Once you add the application, you find yourself on a homepage that’s both attractive and really simple to use – just like the application itself.
  1. Google Keep lets you make notes, but it’s a whole lot more than that. You can arrange your notes, mark priorities on them and many other things, just like you would in your physical notebook. The notes too are available as simple, obvious text box on top of your screen. To make a new note, just start typing!
  1. Another great feature of Google Keep is that it mimics the look of a notebook. SO, when you complete an item, it moves to the bottom of your list with a line drawn through it. You can even access the settings to share your notes with someone else, or even share it across devices, in case you want to move from working on a computer to a mobile device or vice versa.

Google keep

  1. And of course, the best part of Google Keep (and the main reason we’re discussing it here) is the reminder option. The application will track your priorities and send you a reminder the next time you log in, or even at a per-decided time, and bring up your note again so you can continue working on it. In short, it’s just like having that personal assistant!
  1. One last feature to be mentioned is the very nifty use of color coding to help you organize your notes. Google Keep provides you with several color options to code your notes with- from red to blue and green and a whole lot more. It even has options like ticking off certain notes if you want to mark them as done. To access this feature, just scroll over the settings at the bottom of the boxes, and you should see the option. It has the great advantage of helping you know at a glance exactly what the status on all your notes is – which gives it a serious advantage over your notebook!


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