How to get Google to Crawl your Site Faster

When you own a small website or a new one, the only thing that matters for the success of your website is a Crawl Site Faster. This is the thing you struggle with the search engines from the moment you develop your site to the time when you make any changes to your site. The problem or the worry arises when you make any changes and the question is that whether those changed or the edited pages will be crawled or not by the search engines.

The success of your website and your online business depends on the search engines. Still, there are few ways to Crawl Site Faster. These ways we have described as below:

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Create more and Quality Content

Google looks for unique content and so, your content has to be not only unique but the length should also be perfect enough for Google to crawl the pages. If your content is repeated and so if Google comes across the same content every time, then it will stop visiting you. Therefore, your content has to be unique every time you upload your WebPages. If there is any duplicate content then, it should be removed beforehand. So, that the search engines can easily crawl your webpages.

Post Blogs on your Website at Regular Intervals

Crawl Site Faster

You should post blogs on your website at regular intervals which will give an idea to the search engines that there is always something new to visit. Posting blogs regularly will also improve your UX along with increasing your Crawl Site Faster with search engines. Also, crawl rates differ when you post your blogs depending on your content. Google looks for the relevant keywords in the content and displays the results which affect the crawl rate of your website.

Unique Content is the Key

Unique content is a must for any kind of success you want for your website or business. Make sure that your content doesn’t repeat itself every time you upload your blogs or posts. Moreover, it should not be stuffed also. This means that the keywords of your content should not be repeated more than once or twice or else it will look like stuffing of keywords which will disqualify your content for crawling. In the case, if you have copy-pasted the content, Google will identify it slowly and then it will reduce the speed of crawling of your website and this will also affect the overall success of your website as well as online business.

Fix Crawling Errors with Crawl Site Faster

You can make your website crawling faster by fixing your crawl errors. This will also improve the performance and the working of your website will be smoother which will increase the crawling rate of your website.

Use Google + to Share your Content

If you share your content on your Google + profile, it will give more impact on the promptness of your getting indexed and this will definitely increase your crawling and will, in turn, increase your conversion rates too. Google + is just a social networking website, but it is a platform wherein the users can access anything that is posted on it. So, it will naturally increase the crawling rate of your content and your website eventually.

Include High-Quality Links

It is strongly believed that including good quality backlinks in your website content will improve its indexing by Google and will also lead to a good number of conversions which will add to your success. You can use the Webmaster tool to limit the frequency of crawling web pages according to PageRank. You should remove all those pages having low-quality links as they can be penalized.

Therefore, you should include all the decent links in your website to improve your crawling frequency.

Get more Social Shares

Crawl Site Faster

The more you share your content on the social media, the more you will notice by the Google bots. Google cannot index your content if it is not publicly displayed but, Google bot can access your content that is displayed on the social media such as Twitter or Facebook. So, decent number social shares can easily improve your crawling. Also, sharing your content on bookmarking sites can help in increasing your crawling rate.

Optimize your Site Speed

If your site speed is slow, then definitely, you are not going to have a good crawling. So, it is very important that you optimize the speed of your site which will increase not only the loading time but also, it will increase and improve your crawling rate. Moreover, the slow site is an annoying one for all the users and it will increase your bounce rates which will result in the decrease of your crawl rate.

Therefore, it is important to optimize the speed of your website so as to improve your crawling by Google and Google bot.

Submit your Sitemap to the Webmaster

If You want Google to Crawl Site Faster, you have to increasing your crawling rate, you need to submit your sitemap to the Webmaster. For this, you need to create a free Google Account and then sign up for the Webmaster Tools. Then, add your new site to Webmaster Tools, go the Optimization > Sitemaps and then add the link to your website’s sitemap to Webmaster Tools to notify Google.


When you own a website and run your business through that website, it becomes very important that you get your website crawled, get conversions and also get ranked by Google. For this, the above-discussed tips will help through getting success in all these.

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