Free & Open Source Product Lifecycle Management Software

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is a systematic method of managing the complete lifecycle of the product from inception to its disposal. In a business complex and cross functional processes are being executed with the help of distributed teams to get the consistent, efficient and the best possible product. PLM is nothing but the best management of the whole product making cycle and the combined efforts of the teams to get the desired product.

PLM software helps you integrate data, process and systems. It allows you optimizing the product development process by using a single, secure source of information throughout the entire product lifecycle. A product’s lifecycle includes inception, designing, manufacturing, servicing and disposal processes. Hence, PLM software is the need of businesses or companies to increase productivity, and collaboration, improve quality, bolster creativity, and shorten time to market for a product.

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Some commonly used PLM softwares include – Arena PLM, Deltek Costpoint, Oracle Agile, Autodesk Vault, Omnify Empower PLM, Siemens Teamcenter, PTC Windchill, SAP PLM, Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle,  dapulse, VisionFlow, DEXMA PLM+,  Milestone Planner etc.

Free and Open-Source PLM Software

Here is the listing of all major free and open source PLM software:

01. Dapulse

dapulse is a project management tool which lets you see all the things as they stand in a quick view at one place. This makes easy for the project managers to solve real challenges at work day by day. Instead of listing out things to do, it visually charts things and lets every member of the team focus on the bigger picture. It comes with a 30-days free trial.

02. VisionFlow

VisionFlow is a lifecycle management tool which captures your specific information and adapts to your business unique way of working. VisionFlow provides you the facility either to use it as a simple set-up or make it as advanced as you like. It comes with a 20-days free trial. After which you can easily convert your trial account into a real account.


DEXMA PLM is a lifecycle management tool which was initially started for product data management within a project management solution but later it had extended functionality into manufacturing operations with capabilities such as Material Requirement Planning, Purchase Order Management and Parts Catalog Management.

04. Milestone Planner

Milestone Planner is a lifecycle management tool which lets you plan without the project management hassle. It lets you create plans, track progress, and get results from your browser or phone or tablet. It comes in different editions – professional, team, business, enterprise.

05. DocDokuPLM

DocDokuPLM is a high end open source PLM solution which offers document management, process management, change management and data visualization. It also lets you search and filter the product structure, list all raw materials of your product and manage alternatives and substitutes.

06. OpenPLM

OpenPLM is a product oriented open source PLM which unifies all development activities of the organization and structures data around the product. It helps you manage technical data, BOM, and collaborate together. It features a full web and user-friendly interface.

07. Aras

Aras is a lifecycle management tool which is used by 1,000’s of companies in over 160 countries worldwide. It lets you manage collaborative processes through the product lifecycle. It allows organizations to develop consistent, repeatable processes that extend through the product lifecycle and enable collaboration across mechanical, electrical, and software disciplines, as well as in the supply chain.

08. OdooPLM

OdooPLM is lifecycle management software is powered by OmniaSolutions. It integrates CAD Packages into Odoo, extending product revision and B.o.M. It’s has powerful interface which is easy to use. The power of Odoo lets you create attractive interfaces which provide customers experience great value and quality.

09. BeCPG

BeCPG is open source product lifecycle management software developed in JAVA. It accelerates innovation and reduces time-to-market while improving product quality. BeCPG can also be used in SaaS and Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industries such as Food, Cosmetics and Apparel.

10. Vermis

Vermis is an open Source issue tracker and project management tool which is designed as a web application written in PHP. Vermis has been created for software developers and project managers to improve quality of code, efficiency and speed of development.

Things to keep in mind while using free & open source PLM software:

While choosing open source PLM software for your projects you need to check the following:

Check license rules.
Check how many people are using that.
See how to re-use the code for your project.


In the current global competitive market, an organization needs to develop and modify its products as per the latest trends. PLM software helps the organizations in developing the best products and cope up with increasing complexity and engineering challenges. Open source PLM software make it easier as they are open to all and are the best alternatives to expensive PLM solutions.

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