Facebook – How Much Is Too Much

Facebook’s creation was in no way meant to hostile or even harmful in any way at all, yet more often than not that is the end result of such an occurrence. It was created as a portal which connected people with their friends and eventually with their family and loved ones globally. It is that one portal where people truly connect, yet that same connection has become the cause of:

  • Addiction
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Cyber-Stalking
  • Grooming
  • Kidnapping

And indirectly, death.

Let’s start off from the worst one shall we. In 2015, Claire Barnett from East Yorkshire, UK was sentenced to 5 years in jail for child neglect as she was using Facebook and talking to her boyfriend while her two year old son drowned in the pool at the rear of the family estate in Beverly. She was a mother to three other children beside the two year old and had received a number of complaints from the neighbors asking her to watch her children more. While this may be the worst case scenario, it is not the only one we have seen in recent years.

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Parents, children, business owners, employees, everybody that we know of has hopped onto the cyberspace equivalent of fashion trend at an alarming rate. Not only are people using Facebook for its initially intended purpose, but now their usage has been extended to such a level that all sorts of people are using Facebook for hours at a time without blinking an eye. Furthermore, this craze has given rise to some of the worst parental nightmares of the time that are aforementioned.Facebook icon

Therefore, to put an end to all this and more, there is only one thing concerned parents and all other people who care for someone can do to put an end to this nightmare? Well, you cannot fight fire with fire, but you can put an effective end to usage of Facebook with technology itself. So lo and behold ladies and gentlemen, to put an end to all the cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking and grooming done on Facebook, we present to you…

Parental Monitoring Applications aka Spy apps!

What can Spy Apps Do For You?

  • See What Your Child Is Doing Online

One of the saddest truths about life in the age of technology is no matter how mature and how responsible your child is, he or she will get exploited online in one way or another by a person who targets their insecurities. Everyone has their own fair share of insecurities in life no matter how level headed that person is. Therefore, when somebody out there shows that they care and can understand them, even the strongest people can melt and become putty in the groomer’s hand. This is exactly what parents need to see when they monitor their children’s activity on social media. Besides seeing what their child has been saying and putting out there, they also have to keep an eye on who you child is talking to and what are they talking about.

  • Texts and Call Monitoring

Another source to keep an eye on your child is via the texts they sent and calls they receive regularly. This way you can see what your child is up to at any given time by seeing the in-depth conversations your child has had with their friends via SMS and texting apps and also listen in to live calls to see what he or she is up to.

  • GPS Tracking and Bugging

Spy apps also allow parents to keep an eye on their child’s whereabouts and surroundings via the GPS tracker and bugs which give them real-time information about their child’s location. It also gives you unique Intel about who your child is with and what are they up to by allowing you to remotely access the camera and the microphone of the target app both of which can be turned on at will for monitoring and surveillance purpose.

The Bottom Line

Spy apps are one sure-shot way to fight fire with fire and put an effective end to cyber crimes that have a long term impact on people courtesy of their addictions and mental ailments. With them at work, not only the problems of child neglect can be resolved to some extend by monitoring the guilty parent by a concerned partner or friend and also keep an eye on teenage children to protect them from ailments like cyber-bullying, grooming and kidnapping that are ultimately life threatening.

Author Bio:

Ayesha is a secondary school teacher and loves to write on digital parenting, teens’ safety and parental control. She works with TheOneSpy as senior editor and content contributor.

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