Know Everything about Becoming a Professional Blogger

Blogging  is a new latest trend which  is made in the memory of the fundamental right ‘ Freedom  of Speech! Haha… Just joking! The fact is that a blog is a website that allows the blogger to write about his/her personal experiences, thoughts or feelings about his/her own desired subject. The subject can be anything ranging from personal to political or social issues. The physical appearance of a blog is short, crisp and up to the point. Let’s start with the journey of becoming a professional blogger.

Blogging Websites

There are several blogging websites the famous being Word Press, Goggle blogger, Joomla, Type Pad, Drupal, Xanga etc which allow young minds to write their own blogs. These blogs have several features to make it more attractive. The readers may comment or share their views over the blog which helps the blogger to improve his/her writing. The blogger may even own his/her blog website by being the domain in exchange of affordable amount.

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Applications of a blog

A blog gives the blogger a feeling of writing a diary with links that lead to other similar articles. The  blog focuses on a particular subject or a whole range of subjects. A blog may also carry a self clicked picture with a funky or attractive byline given to it. The blogger may write his/her feelings about the picture. The best part of such type of blogging is that the picture makes it interesting and endure the reader to read it. The magic is played by the mobile or DSLR clicked photograph which reflects the beauty of the person’s intelligence while clicking the photo. The title of the blog should be short and effective. When this blog comes in contact with the real world, they get fuel and gets termed as ‘Viral’.

These are 8 simple tips to write a blog post for Professional Blogger:

We have some general tips for all professional blogger writers willing to write a blog. Let’s get started with this step wise for all  the future professional bloggers.

  • Step 1 : Understand your audience.
  • Step 2 : Start with a topic  and an attractive and catchy title.
  • Step 3 : Start with an introduction which is captivating.
  • Step 4 : Organize your content. Make sure the content is interesting and applicable.
  • Step 5 : Start writing about your desired subject. Make it short and understandable for others.
  • Step 6 : Provide an engaging visual appearance to your blog by putting a unique yet descent theme.
  • Step 7 : Insert a call to action at the end. Provide a quick and catchy lines to subscribe or register  your blog.
  • Step 8 : Optimize for one page SEO. Focus on a desired keywords, to target your audience. Don’t mess your blog with many unwanted keyword. Keep it short and sweet!

Easy ways to promote your blog:

There are 10 easy ways for every professional blogger who wants to promote his/her blog. Writing of a blog is one phase but at the other end you also need to promote it to get more and more traffic. Let’s come in connect with some easy ways to get more eyeballs for your blog.

– Comment on other blogs. This would help you be known to others.

– Post your blogs frequently.

– Participate in online forums.

– Usage of social media to let people know about your blog.

– Make sure you link your blogs on your own links.

– Mention your blog links in your visiting, business cards or emails.

– Frequently hold a blog contest. This is the best way to attract new budding writers.

– Join a blog contest. Make your presence felt.

– Offer services like guest blog.

– Write blogs on Multiple sites and link them together.

Blogging: Best way to express yourself!

Blogging is a good way to explore or even share your thoughts about various subjects. The blogger may be a patriot or romantic lover or a serious politician or with a broken heart. Just let your feelings flow in the form of words through these blogs. It can be that this may help you know your hidden talent. In this digital world, some people are shy to share their feelings to others.Dedicaredly weave your words and express yourself. We hope this article may help you get enlighten and gives birth to the next famous blogger!

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