5 Essentials to Optimizing Your Website

Basic search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for every business. The end-goal of SEO is to create a seamless experience for your user and communicate your intentions to them. Getting leads is a bonus.

San Diego SEO experts recommend the following points to keep in mind when optimizing your website.

The Cake Model

Close your eyes and picture a cake. Now open your eyes and recall, what image of cake came to your mind? Did you see a beautifully decorated birthday cake or a melted cake that looks like it’s been plastered onto someone’s face? If you saw the first cake, then this is exactly how your SEO works to optimizing your website.

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All the paid search results and social media links are only the icing on your cake. The main ingredients include your content, infrastructure, and website design. If you have done that right, then optimizing your website as a well-crafted birthday cake.

What to Avoid

Search engine crawlers can only store a limited amount of data. If you’re using shady black hat tactics to deceive them, then you are at the losing end. There are three of these tactics that you should avoid at all costs,

  • Purchased links- buying links for your website, out of nowhere, damages your search ranking
  • Keyword stuffing- overusing keywords on all your pages makes your website spammy
  • Poor User Experience- if your websites takes longer than 4 seconds to load and is not mobile compatible, you are disadvantaged

What Search Engines Focus On

The aim of a search engine is to redirect the searcher to the most useful website, based on their query and the search engine’s own assessment. To stand out among your competitors and get your result published across the first SERP, you need to focus on your web content, web performance, user experience and links to authoritative sites.

Keep Meta Data in Mind

All content written for your website should have both Meta descriptions and title tags. Meta keywords are largely ignored by all search engines these days. But if you’re using them, make sure that they are correctly formatted and take the user to only that specific webpage.

Meta description needs to be unique. It must provide a key summary of what your webpage is all about. Duplicating Meta descriptions from one page to another will not take you anywhere. It will not have any impact on your SEO either.

Be Mindful of Domain Names

Domain naming is critical if you want to improve the overall user experience. For this reason, it is best to consider using sub-directory root domains. Other viable options include,

  • Old domain names- these domain names are still better than the new ones. If you’re planning to buy an old one, make sure that the previous owner did not use the domain name to do anything shady/illegal
  • Keywords- your keywords should be included in your URL
  • Consistency- make sure that all search results lead to your website, whether the user writes in “www” before typing your web address or not.

Author Bio :

Mark Long is an experienced content and SEO professional at Saba SEO, a company specialized in San Diego SEO. His results-driven approach to content development helps businesses grow their web presence and bottom line.

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