How encrypt your hard drive

If you want to keep all the files and documents on your computer secure from malicious users, then it is recommended that encrypt your hard drive using the BitLocker encryption software. The BitLocker app comes reloaded on newer versions of Microsoft Windows starting from Windows vista onward. Once BitLocker is enabling on your computer, then any file that you create on your hard drive will automatically be encrypted, making it harder for cyber criminals to steal it.


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  1. To encrypt your hard drive using BitLocker, go to Control Panel > BitLocker Drive Encryption, and click on Turn on BitLocker.


  1. BitLocker will now check your system configuration to make sure that your computer meets all the requirements to enable BitLocker Disk Encryption on it.

encrypt your hard drive

  1. Click on the Next button to start the encrypt your hard drive encryption process.

encrypt hard drive

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