Email Marketing Success For E-commerce Business in 2017

E-commerce Email marketing is a process of sending meaningful newsletters to Internet-savvy consumers and urging them to purchase their favorite products/services from E-commerce websites. It helps online retailers to stay in touch with their customers, communicate with them actively, increase awareness about the products/services, and push sales up to a great extent.

As changes frequently take place in the E-commerce business, E-store owners need to adopt new trends as soon as possible to grow their sales rapidly. If you do Email marketing for E-commerce websites, here are some tips that you should use to make your Email marketing campaigns successful in 2017:

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1. Finish Necessary Actions at first

Writing a newsletter is an art. So, you need to be careful and accomplish some necessary actions before creating newsletters.

Key recommendations:

A) Create a Separate Editorial Calendar for Newsletters

If you create a separate editorial calendar for Email marketing campaigns, it will help you to know when and how frequently you have to deliver newsletters to your subscribers. You will have enough time to research and create compelling content for newsletters.

B) Decide Your Goals

Decide the ultimate goals of your Email marketing campaigns. It may be the following:

  • Increasing traffic to your site,
  • Increasing awareness about your products & services,
  • Encouraging subscribers for sales,
  • Increasing user engagement, etc.

C. Content Types

There are various types of newsletters. Depending on your needs, you can choose email types to engage with subscribers.

D. Design Newsletter Templates

You need to decide the look for your newsletters, colors, images and the use of the logo and design your newsletter templates.

2. Write Valuable Content

Although the look and layout of newsletters do matter, but it is content that encourages people to take actions. Therefore, you should craft the user-centric content as far as possible. You can use some tips-

  • Write the newsletter content in easy and simple language. Use appealing and catchy titles, subtitles, headings.
  • Try to keep the Email content concise if possible. If the content is long, break it into different segments and use bullet points to help subscribers read it easily and quickly.
  • Make use of user’s data and personalize your Emails.
  • Be focused in content and don’t make it too promotional. Add the details of products/services that customers may need.
  • Add a clear call to action button in your newsletters. Check your content two times before final delivery to eliminate silly mistakes.
  • If possible, don’t add social media links to your website in newsletters. It distracts subscribers and prevents them from taking the action (for which email was delivered).

3. Make Your Emails Responsive

A good number of people use different mobile devices to open the emails you send. So, it is very important for you to make your newsletters responsive so that subscribers don’t face any problem when they view your newsletters on their mobile devices. Responsive newsletters can increase website traffic and conversion rate up to a great extent.

4. Focus On Suggestive Selling

Suggestive selling is a process when a sales associate introduces great value products to customers and urge them to buy. For example- if a customer buys a mobile handset from an E-commerce website, you can suggest him/her to buy the required mobile accessories.

While doing E-commerce Email marketing, you should not flood your subscriber’s email inbox with marketing emails. Just have a look at the buying habit or purchase history of your customers and recommend them only useful commodities to increase your sales.

5. Request Your Customers to Give Their Reviews

Product reviews and recommendations, given by buyers, impact the mind of potential shoppers. By reading the reviews the existing customers, they make an opinion about the specific products and services and take decisions accordingly.

You can set up automatic email campaigns and request customers to review the products they have already purchased and used. It helps you to increase E-commerce sales significantly.

6. Make Your Newsletters Spam Free

There is no benefit of sending newsletters to your subscribers if they are labeled as SPAM emails and are landed in the Spam box. Generally, people are suspicious about Spam emails and they don’t open it. As a result, you don’t get any response from subscribers.

There are a number of steps you can take to prevent your newsletters from being marked as SPAM. Some of them are-

  • Update your subscriber’s list regularly. Try to know who wants to receive your emails or who doesn’t.
  • Make sure you strictly follow all terms and conditions of CAN-SPAM act.
  • Keep your newsletters focused. Don’t use the words that may be marked as Spam. You can use Spam checking tools to find out Spam words in your emails and replace them with appropriate ones.
  • Use an official Email id for Email marketing. Don’t use personal Emails to send newsletters to subscribers.
  • You must check your IP address and make sure that it is not on the watch list of Spam cop & MAPS.
  • Don’t use a dynamic IP Address for Email marketing.
  • Never send newsletters to your subscribers in Bcc and Cc format.

7. Focus On Shopping Cart Abandonment Issue Prominently

Shopping Cart Abandonment is a major problem for all E-commerce website operators. It happens when a customer starts the product buying process, but discards the shopping cart without completing the order. It spoils E-commerce sales up and upsets the possibility of (E-commerce business) their future expansion.

Therefore, you should remind customers about their abandoned carts by using interactive newsletters and request them to complete their purchase as soon as possible.

8. Automate Your Email Marketing Efforts For Better Results

If you run an E-commerce website that has a huge subscriber base, launching successful Email marketing campaigns and tracking their effectiveness can be a troublesome job for website operators. If you are unable to maintain the regularity in your Email marketing campaigns, you can use email marketing services. They help you to accomplish various Email marketing assignments easily and swiftly.

The majority of entrepreneurs operate Magento E-commerce websites. If you also one of them, you can use Email marketing extensions for Magento or hire a Magento development company for obtaining the desired results through Email marketing.

9. Use Google analytics

When you commence Email marketing for E-commerce websites, you need to track its performance and see what is working and what is not working. You can use Google analytics for this purpose.

By using this tool, you can easily get a detailed report about your Email marketing efforts and can make necessary corrections to achieve your set goals.

Wind up

Running a successful E-commerce Email marketing campaign is a tough job because of the changing mood of customers, E-commerce trends and rapidly increasing competition among entrepreneurs. By following the above-mentioned recommendations, you can boost the outcome your Email marketing exercise easily in 2017.

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Linda Wester describes herself as a bit of a geek who is passionate about email marketing and Magento development. She spends her days helping clients to hire Magento developers for solving their website related issues. Find out more interesting about her on twitter.

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