Cross Platform Mobile Apps Are Easy To Develop & More Useful

Frankly speaking, no one prefers a mobile application that runs on a specific platform ( for example, only on Windows), because that restricts its usages. What if you do not have a device that runs Windows OS, then how will you use an app that’s made for this particular platform. If you talk about quality mobile app development, it’s all about the development of cross platform mobile apps which can run on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

The best part of cross platform mobile app development is that developers can easily develop an application with the assistance of a single language, which can then be used or deployed on many platforms. It increases the ability of an app to reach a maximum number of users as they can use it on any platform. This app development approach is extremely helpful for developers because they just have to implement a single code efficiently when it comes to creating a cross-platform application.

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Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Cross platform apps, which are divided into two different categories include “Native Cross Platform Mobile  Apps” and “Hybrid ‘HTML5’ Cross-Platform mobile Apps, ” and they can easily work on different mobile operating systems.

When you think about developing a mobile app for your business, you find it extremely hard to select between a cross platform app or a native mobile app. You should take a practical decision based on the fact that for the growth and development of your business you need to connect with a large number of customers.

It indicates that you should concentrate on cross-platform app development. The customers that you want to target may possess a diverse range of devices that consist of different operating systems. And in that case, if you develop an app for a particular platform, you will eventually fail to connect with millions of customers that do not have access to the platform in question. So it’s always beneficial to develop an application that works flawlessly on platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android, etc.

Native Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Before we talk about native cross platform apps, let’s discuss a bit about native apps first. All the popular mobile operating systems come with their own Software Development Kits which are used by the developers with preferred programming language when it comes to developing native apps.

The preferred languages used with SDKs are always supported by the OS vendors. In case you want to develop a mobile app for iOS, then you will have to use the preferred programming languages such as Swift and Objective-C. Now what you need to understand here is both these languages are supported by Apple.

However, if you want to develop a mobile app for Android, you will have to make use of a language called Java. And this particular programming language is supported by Google.

When it comes to cross platform mobile apps, they are developed using Application Programming Interface from native SDK in different programming languages. The difference here is OS vendors do not support these languages. In the case of cross platform mobile app development, a unified API is developed by a third party vendor. To develop a unified API, the third party vendor has to pick a programming language. Different mobile operating systems can be easily supported with a single code base when developers use this API.

Some of the common native cross platform frameworks include Xamarin, NativeScript, Appcelerator Titanium, and RubyMotion, etc.

“Hybrid ‘HTML5’ Cross Platform Apps

Hybrid mobile apps are nothing but those applications which are developed with the support of different languages like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. These apps are typically hosted within a native application that makes use of the Web View of a mobile platform.

One of the most important hybrid cross platform frameworks used by the developers across the world to develop hybrid cross platform mobile apps is Apache Cordova, which was launched back in 2009 as PhoneGap.

So, if you are planning to start your business and want to develop a mobile app for it, go for cross platform mobile app development.

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