Bluetooth Headphones For iPhone 7 Review [PH-BTE70]

Introduction – What are the PH-BTE70 Bluetooth Headphones?

The PH-BTE70 Headphones are the headphones that are specifically designed for the iPhone 7. This is very important as that is the latest model of the iPhone brand which can only connect to several models of speakers.

Apart from that, they offer a really comfortable feel, an amazing sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity, an increase in bass performance, and sweat resistance.  We will review each of these features separately later in this review.

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What makes these headphones so special?

As mentioned before, they are one of the few headphone models that are compatible with the latest iPhone models. Knowing that this brand is quite picky, those models that are compatible with iPhone can be considered to possess some high-quality features and performance.

Secondly, these headphones are operated by superior type of battery that lasts very long and can be easily and quickly recharged. The maximum runtime of these headphones is 6 hours while the batteries can recharge at an even faster pace.

Thirdly, they’re very affordable for an iPhone-compatible product. The New Year and Black Friday sales have hit the price of this model, reducing it by nearly 200%. This is an ideal opportunity to supply your iPhone with a pair of high-quality earphones.Bluetooth Headphones

The features of the PH-BTE70

The PH-BTE70 Bluetooth headphones are supplied with several unique features and settings. First of all, they offer high comfortability. Furthermore, the sound quality and the volume settings of these earphones are impeccable, while the battery lifetime of this model is unprecedented. They are also sweat resistant, and, most importantly, iPhone 7 compatible.

Comfortable and Gentle Feel & Experience

The comfortability – These earphones are equipped with a Secure Fit feature which means that they are supplied with a specifically designed type of ear hooks that will attach around the ears of the user, affixing themselves in place. They won’t fall out, so you don’t need to readjust the hooks. For the matter of comfort, the earbuds are made from special fabric that provides a gentle feel when used.

The Astonishing Sound Output

The Sound quality and volume settings – The PH-BTE70 is a synonym for quality. The Advanced APTX technology was implemented in the manufacturing process of these earphones which resulted in superior sound capabilities. The acoustics and the bass depth are unprecedented and impeccable.

Wireless Connectivity or Standard use – it’s your choice

The Bluetooth connectivity – One of the most important features of these earphones is the Bluetooth connectivity. These earphones are also supplied with cords, so you can opt for the wireless connection or the standard one.

The latest version of Bluetooth was implemented when this fine piece was crafted (4.0), which is faster, stronger, more reliable, and provides a larger range of use. When compared to other models, this is, by far, the best option when it comes to hands-free service.

The Optimal Battery Lifetime

These earphones can endure prolonged usage – the special batteries provide optimal battery lifetime, as they provide the PH-BTE70 with six hours of use. This makes this product ideal for any kind of jogging, exercise, or long trips or voyages. These batteries can be easily recharged by a USB port or any conventional battery charger.

The Compatibility – the most important feature

As mentioned before, the most important feature of PH-BTE70 Bluetooth headphones is that they’re compatible with the latest models of iPhone. Only a few other models can boast such a feature.

The Good & the Bad about the PH-BTE70 Bluetooth Headphones

Despite all the exceptional capabilities these earbuds come equipped with, they’re still not perfect. They boast a wide array of exceptional features, but they possess a single flaw – the clarity of sound might deteriorate after some time. Even though this product is very durable, prolonged usage will wear them down.


  • Superior sound capabilities;
  • Very Comfortable;
  • Secure Fit feature;
  • Optimal battery lifetime;
  • Sweat-resistant;
  • Compatible with the latest iPhone models;


  • Prolonged usage will deteriorate the sound quality and clarity; This flaw is easily compensated for by the manifold of outstanding features.

The final verdict

If you are searching for the best iPhone compatible headphones, you’re in luck – the PH-BTE70 is the pinnacle of sound quality, durability, and comfort, being supplied with a lot of magnificent features and optimal battery lifetime. This model is perfect for everyday use, and you won’t have to search for new headphones for quite a log time.

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