Blogging Platforms Review for the Beginners

Writing is one of the best ways to communicate your thoughts, passions and it can also serve as a great option for promoting your business. A blog must be simple, clear and neatly presented so that everyone can quickly grasp your ideas or stories. The best segment about blogging is that you can publish blogs on any desired topic of your choice. The outside world will get to know about various issues from your point of view, and a blog with interesting points will surely create an impact in the minds of the readers. In fact, professional bloggers earn a fair amount of money by creating several blogs. Web sites serve as perfect marketing tools which help organizations to give precise information about their services and create an initial impact in customers.

The best blogging platform has to be selected so that your blog looks good with colorful templates, good looking fonts and other theme based customization options. Go for an easy to use platform which can help you create a simple blog with an appealing theme and efficient features. Beginners can use simple principles so that they get options to change HTML code according to their preference. Some platforms have extra options which can be accessed if you pay a certain amount. So, there are a lot of choices available when it comes to the selection of a blogging platform.

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Some blogging sites are also available, and they include free as well as paid services which help people to create blogs and make them attractive. Select the required blogging platform which meets your needs and helps you create blogs with ease. Let’s check out some of the blogging platforms that are used nowadays.


WordPress is a widely used blogging platform which comes with search engine optimization option and has several templates, customization options. WordPress can be used to control all the essential features of your blog, and you also have the possibility to buy services for getting a domain name and web hosting service. Beginners can use this open source platform to create different kinds of blogs and websites.


Blogger helps to build blogs with ease, and all you need is a Google ID to login to the blogger site. It comes with convenient services which help in easy blog creation and provides options to track traffic. Use this blog hosting site to publish your first blog. You can add images, videos, and advertisements to your blog to gain more attention.


Square Space serves as a web hosting site which helps users to setup their blogs in quick time. It comes with lots of design tools, unlimited bandwidth and is ideal for monetized blogs or sites. Use this simple blogging site to start attracting clients and promote your business.


Tumblr is a popular blogging platform which is mainly used to create blogs containing pictures, GIF files, videos, etc. It comes with a re-blog option which allows users to re-post certain content that you find on the site. The main highlights of this blogging platform are the collection of themes, secure blogging facilities, culture, and community.


Medium is a blogging platform which is mainly used to publish blogs which come under the long-reads category. A polished working site will be provided for creating serious blogs with compelling content. Use this ever so simple blogging platform to publish your stories and ideas with utmost ease. Setup your site and start posting your very own stories.


Typepad is a much simpler blogging platform when compared to WordPress. A lot of customization choices will be available for the users to create their blogs. It also comes with lots of broad themes and plugins which help users to create different kinds of blogs.


Weebly is easy to use tool which comes with drag and drop features and also supports SEO options. Editing the HTML code is not a good idea if you’re using this platform for the first time but as you get the hang of it, it’ll become easier. Create blogs using any of the wide variety of themes and share them with the world using Weebly.


Drupal is a content management system, but you can also use it for creating blogs. Navigation won’t be easy, and it requires a host if you need to create your website. Some tools in this platform help in the easy creation of blogs. Thus, Drupal is ideal for professional bloggers and tech-savvy users who need a stable working platform for creating top quality blogs.


Jekyll helps users to create their very own websites by using content found in various text files. It provides simple ways to host blogs and so you can fully concentrate on your blog without any hassle. Create something from certain documents that you’ve written or use creative ideas to create your very own blog using Jekyll.

Choosing the best blogging platform or site is fully dependent on your need. There are lots of different blogging platforms available, and so you can choose the one which meets your requirements. Make sure that you analyze the site completely before starting to blog.

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Kevin Nelson started his career as a research analyst and has changed the sphere of activity to writing services and content marketing. Currently, Kevin works as a part-time writer at the OnlineWritingClass.


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