3 Latest Advanced SEO Techniques of SEO Agency

Search Engine Optimization is a complex process, studying only the fundamental aspects of SEO will take you a long time. In addition, you will need to update yourself with the changes on the policy of the search engine sites to implement the proper SEO procedure & SEO techniques.

The basic part of SEO is important such as link building, increasing your presence on social media, optimizing the content of your page and others.  For the experienced digital marketing agency, those kinds of tasks are simply repetitive.  The expert digital marketing agency should have the advance strategy on SEO that will propel your business into new heights this 2017.

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Here are some of the SEO techniques that the SEO Agency should implement on your site this 2017.

1.) Speed Optimization

The speed of your website plays a crucial part on the SERP ranking of your site.  Your audience can instantly interact with your website the sooner that it loads which increases the level of engagement of your website. This will help in increasing the online visibility of your webpage.

To increase the speed of your site, the first thing that you can do is to ensure that the caching plug-in of your website is enabled. Try compressing the information in your website and delete the old drafts and pages that are just taking space.  Resize your image and remove the Meta data.

Choosing the right hosting provider will also affect the speed of your site.  It is recommended to keep your code as simple as possible. Avoid using complex settings that you can’t understand.  Leave the complex stuff on the hand of the expert SEO agency.

2.) Advance SEO Techniques for Link Building

The simple type of link building includes submitting guest posts on different sites and posting comments on forums that are normally done by the SEO agency. If you have done everything, but you can’t still increase the page rank and authority of your website, it is now time to take the advance link building method.

Try wooing educational and government area to your site. This will be quite challenging, but if you build a great relationship with your local education and government unit, you will be able to build your link from here.

3.) Multi-Platform Presence

It is true that the social media platforms today are more complicated than it was 2 years ago.  You need to be involved in different platforms. Start by claiming your company on various social media sites such as Google Business page, Meerkat, Yik Yak or even Snapchat.  Then list your business in all directories that you can find.  Be sure to keep the information consistent to avoid any confusion.  Any slight inconsistencies will be picked by the robots and will prompt them to identify it as different businesses.

Finally, you can seek the help of the SEO Agency to guarantee the accessibility of your site.  Fix all the 404 errors and problems of your site.  Basic strategies are important, but the advance SEO techniques offer you the opportunity to upgrade your business’ website.

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Charlie Pottington is a executive blogger, writing content about SEO, Travel and Beauty. Writing on behalf of leading Digital Marketing Agencies.

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