6 Secrets to Becoming a Professional Travel Blogger

Want to become a famous Professional travel blogger? Here are some tips to improve your travel blog with my best experience after 6 months of research.

Traveling is a most exciting movement for everyone. It will help to grow your knowledge and connect you with different type of peoples. But there is nothing wrong to start your career in Travel blogging. In fact many of peoples have already started their career in blogging. They are running many wonderful and adventurous blogs for past 3 and 4 years. It’s a mainly fun for the first year of the travel blogging. But these days, it’s also become a great source of Income. It’s very challenging to a professional travel blogger in minimum time. This is more difficult than most of people think.

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Here are some tips to become a professional travel blogger.

1. Create useful content

Writing your story and self experience is easy but write for a travel it’s very difficult and challenging job. In your travel story you need to write something useful content for your audience. If you try to provide budget travel tips, food recommendations, details where you stay, Video and photography of this place then it will be great for your travel story. Try to solve the audience questions and doubt in your comment section.

2. Do interesting Stuff

If you have a great story or experience related to your travel then you can share with your audience. For example party experience and Awareness tips, etc. You can also share camping experiences in Antarctica, Walking trips in India, Kayaking experience in Thailand.  These topics are unique and provide a good value for your blog. These types of story you have not read like other blogs and magazine like Buzzfeed and Huffington post.

3. Guest Posting

When you start your travel blog no one knows you in whole earth. You need to start writing for some famous traveler blogs with large audience. This will help to increase your reach, Branding and credibility of your blog. First of all start to write a guest post before check they allow or accept guest post in their blog.  It will also help to make a relationship with another blogger. It’s also helpful SEO power in backlink from the famous blogs.

4. Social media

Social media is a great platform to reach all the people within minimum time of effort. But social media is a time consuming process, don’t waste of hours and hours there.  Evening is the best time to share your post. Many of them prefer to open their social media account in the time of evening. Before sharing any post or article do research what is the best time to share a post. There is lots of social media platform you can use them to spread your post like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit and SnapChat.

5. Art & Science of SEO

SEO is helping to promote your blog and optimise it according to Google guidelines. SEO will help you to write a content that will helpful for your blog audience. It will also help you to find which type of query search by many peoples. You can follow many SEO blogs and experts like SearchEngineLand, SEOmoz, Neilpatel and SeachEngineWatch. These sites publish everyday SEO articles that will help to optimise your blog in easiest way. You can hire an SEO expert to optimise your blog.

6. Build a email list

Building a subscriber list is one of the most important things you can do with your travel blog. The Subscriber is more important than social media. Only dedicated user or blog fan is subscribing your email list. But wait, it is not an easy job to get blog subscriber. You need to provide useful content, Interesting image and video to your audience that will help to get true fan of your blog.

In reality, professional travel blogger really works very hard. If you think it is an easy job for you then you think wrong. You need to research new ideas and tactics to get attract new visitors. Otherwise, you are disappointing of your result and efforts.

Author Bio:

This article has written by Rajat Sharma. He is a lifestyle and Professional Travel Blogger from New Delhi, India and one of the writers and editor of Happiness Creativity Blog. He is nineteen years old guy, and when he is not working on some interesting new article, he enjoys listening to music and playing cricket.

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