5 Tips that Will Make your iPhone Run Smoother

If you own a computer, you have faced one of those periods where it just hangs due to overuse of memory. Ideally, iPhones should never experience this. It is because Apple has developed strong memory management software for all its iPhones. It means that you should never experience hitches. However, the reality is that even the iPhone slows down occasionally. It may never hang like a computer, but it will get slower with time. However, some measures can be taken. These will ensure that your iPhone is running at optimal speed.

  1. Close Background Apps

Some very powerful apps can take up a whole lot of space. At times, due to upgrades to the app or glitches, they may take up more space than they should. When this happens, you realize that you will have less space to conduct ordinary activities. The result is that your phone tries to manage the meager memory resources left as best as it can. Simply shut down all background apps on your iPhone and see it experience a boost in speed. If you like playing games, this might be a huge problem. Games take up quite a lot of space if left to run in the background.

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  1. Turn off Automatic Features

Running features in automatic mode can be quite a challenge for an iPhone user. For instance, it has its advantages such as reducing the time you spend doing things. For example, every time it gets to a Wi-Fi network, it will connect automatically and save you time. However, this will also use up RAM whether there is a Wi-Fi network or not. It will always be searching for the network and running things such as automatic updates. All these are processes, which run on your devices memory, reducing what is available for your active use. If you do not want to turn off all the features, you can select the automatic features you feel are not necessary. In this way, you phone can run faster but remain convenient for you.

  1. Restore a Previous Backup

Apple updates its OS on a regular basis. It helps to ensure that the phone is running perfectly and is secure all the time. However, it does not work out all the time. At times, the download process may be interfered with slightly. In addition, the new update may have a bug of some sort. In such a case, you will notice your iPhone slowing down. You should work hard to ensure you use an earlier version of your OS anytime this happens. It can be done by accessing iTunes. From there, you will notice the File button; press it. Go to the Devices> Restore from Backup. After that, your iPhone will get faster. It is one of the easiest tricks for getting a faster iPhone.  It works for most people, and it should work for you too.

  1. Restart It

iPhones now come with an excellent battery. Besides that, the battery management system installed in the phone is quite superb. As a result, your phone can go for about two days without recharging it. In addition to that, power banks ensure that you never run out of power no matter where you are. It presents a challenge in itself. It ensures that your phone is always powered on since the day you purchased it.

You should keep in mind that most iPhones of today are like the computers of past years regarding processing power. It would not hurt if you powered down your phone occasionally. As a result, some processes, which may have been left hanging, have an opportunity to get erased. Look for a time when you are not busy and shut down your phone for about ten minutes. Leave it that way and it will have a chance to solve any issues it has. When you power it on, you will notice it is much faster.

  1. Delete Unnecessary Things from the iPhone

Apple now puts some impressive memory on the iPhones. As a result, you may use up all this space without requiring to delete anything. However, this build-up can present a problem for the user. With time, your phone becomes clogged up with garbage that just fills up your phone. Al these things have to be maintained and indexed by the phone. This can slow down your phone.

The first things to delete should be old messages. For instance, you can start with service messages from your service provider. These messages can build up with time since you hardly ever read them. Some things else to delete is old photos. These pictures are at times unnecessary and unwanted. Look for photos you do not need. When you delete them, it will help speed up you phone. Other things to delete are the browser cache. This file can take up quite a lot of space with time. It can help to boost your browsing experience and the overall speed of your phone.


iPhones are a marvel to behold. They are fast with high built quality. However, they can be quite irritating when they get slow. For instance, if you at a place with slow Wi-Fi, this can ruin your iPhone experience. All of the measures proposed above can be implemented all at once. The phone may be slowing down due to a combination of factors. If you try all the proposed measures together, it will work out perfect for you. At times, you do not need to buy a new phone; you can make yours work better by using these tips.

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