5 Things to Consider When Blogging for a Business

When you start a business your website can serve you as a valuable marketing tool; in this day of technology and convenient internet access, we turn to search engines whenever we hear about something new. Your website can be storefront of your business. Representation of your website can leave a strong impression on potential customers and what you have to offer. However, small business owners can be reluctant towards this excellent marketing opportunity; it maybe because to have a website, you must be willing to take on tasks such web development and web designing which are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Blogging can be most prominent and efficient solution to promote your business online without having a website. Online platforms such as Word press, Tumblr, and Blogger offer free services to help you run a blog about your business; this is also known as content management system because of its ability to let you create and organize different prospects of  ideas in your head. The original concept of having a blog was similar to have an online diary, but with time blogs have become a viable tool for business owners; you can easily use your blog as your official business website. Here are 5 things you should consider while blogging for your business.

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  1. Consistency Counts: If you post something every day on your blog; keep it that way. Your growing customers would like to get updates on what’s going on with your business, share proficient information with your audience. You can tease with upcoming products or services your business is going to offer; you can make announcements about upcoming events your company is involved in, make sure to keep it lively and entertaining. You can check out Sixpence, its is a blog run by a neurology students, and their posts have managed to engage millions of internet users.
  1. Polls, Promotions and Reviews: Want to know whether or not people like your newest product or service? Post a few polls on your blog, and get reviews. Not only it will show that you value your customer’s opinion, but it will also encourage them to make a connection with what you have to offer, but it is the easiest way to obtain necessary feedback. Your customers are always expecting something new from you, presenting some promotional schemes now and then will satisfy them and attract more crowd.
  1. Build A Community: You cannot engage your audience by only talking about your business, they want to get to know you, the person behind the scene. Moreover, your personality can play a vital card here; you want to make your audience feel welcome. You will seem rigid with strictly only business talk, every once in a while snack in something about yourself or what is going on with your life. Websites like Air G are the primary example that your blog does not only have to be about business but it also includes a review and forum section as it is considered a sign of a goodwill and audience tends to get more attached. It also helps to build a community around your business.
  1. Make FAQs Section: Considering you are a business owner, you should expect to be bombarded with questions every day relating to your product or service. With your hectic and demanding schedule, you cannot possibly have time to answer them all even if you want to. Your blog can be an excellent source to have answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), so when the potential customer approaches you, they should have shared knowledge of how you are running your business. Tumblr FAQs section is a shining example of how you can answering tiring questions in a fun playful way.
  1. Credibility: Be faithful to the source material, people are trusting you here, and you want to keep it that way. Don’t misguide your valued customer for the one-time rush. Promoting inferior or scale-down products damages your reputation and life of your business, it is important to remember that trust and credibility are everything here. James Krieger runs a fitness blog, and he has millions loyal audience that follows him on his every word because of his credibility.

Whether you have just started out as an entrepreneur or you have small company; online marketing has become a power source for any business, the possibilities are endless when you are coming up with ideas to promote your business online, and blogging has become an essential tool to promote your business around globally by blogging.


Alma Causey is a blogger by choice and profession. She loves to read and write about different aspects related to technology and medical. She is currently working as a blogger for Braintest Providing dementia testing online.


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