05 Reasons Why Most Web Designers Suck

Why is it that every time I hear a friend or family member talking about web designers it’s always about how angry they are? The truth is that most Web Designers SUCK. If you’ve been part of these conversations you know exactly what they sound like:

My web designer just stopped answering my emails and calls – I have no idea where he went. Every time I ask for some little tiny change I get this crazy invoice that said it took them seven hours.

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They told me they’re offering me a discount because they’re using coders in Russia but it takes a week to get anything done!

Ten years ago web design was a lot more expensive than it is now. People were paying thousands of dollars for sites that we would laugh at now but because the coding languages have gotten so easy to understand, people have decided to call themselves web designers at the drop of a hat.

These hacks that have filled up the international market have dragged the title of web designer through the mud and mucked up it for people who want to take the job seriously and provide real value to their clients.

A similar thing has happened in other industries that have a low barrier of entry without any kind of governing body. For example, you don’t hear of therapists or psychiatrists ever being looked at as hacks but life coaches? Well anyone can call themselves a life coach and as a result that term is almost meaningless now.

If you’re not using a big New York or Chicago or Los Angeles Web Design Firm with a huge reputation that precedes them, we’re sure you’ll find yourself dealing with some amateurs and struggling with some of the problems listed in the infographic below.

web designers suck

Source : Rhino Marketing Group

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