10 Best Marketing Automation Plugins for WordPress

Every user likes to get the marketing messages as per their interests. This might be a tedious task for the marketers but not for the right automation plugins. In a couple of minutes now find out what works well and use the same tricks to enhance your sales and get more leads. Here you will find some interesting and widely used plugins of this year.

  1. Better Results With Title Experiments Free:                 

Title Experiments Free

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Now use the trial and error method to find out which title works best to get more customers. With this tool, one can make use of the time properly and use all different ideas. The chances are there to just retain the title which works the best and need not wait for the time if you use this plugin. You need not even change the titles spending them as it automatically changes the best working one and draws more customers always.

  1. Simple and Stunning In Site For WP: Personalization Made Easy:

insite for wp personalization made easy

Every customer likes the customized options and here you can do that with this plugin. You can even make use of java scripts and enhance the personalized popups based on the user behavior. Without any long hours of coding, you can trigger the content based on the customer location or device and get the desired change. All these special effects are admired by the customers.

  1. Email Marketing By Drip Gets Many Leads:


You can get assured results by making use of this tool by sending the engaging email in the apt time to the right person. If you are thinking of budget and wanted to get perfect results, then this is best as you are doing this taking the customer behavior into consideration. This is an affordable plugin as well. The chances are high to get many leads in less time.

  1. Enjoy Multiple Features with Gravity Forms:

gravity forms

There are a lot of companies which are having their websites that are hosted with best forms of multiple features. The bundle of benefits which you get here includes conformation emails, visuals with builders and forms which are useful for entering and managing data. Most of the people are using this automated plugin as these forms have the conditional logic which is used to provide answers for the customer’s queries.

  1. Increase Data Discovery with Recommendation Engine:


Get more sales for your business with this automation plugin. There are many people who are showing recommendations for the customers and winning their attention. With this they are going to increase their sales. This plugin goes well with the WooCommerce driven stores. Provide more information to the visitors with the Netflix and amazon suggestions. This plugin is very easy to integrate and can get more page visits for website.

  1. Advantage of Email Alerts with ORBTR Ping:

orbtr ping

This is a free plugin which helps you to know about the behavior of the leads. On the other hand when you want more detailed reports of email campaigns then you have to choose the premium packages. There are many of the companies which are using the email alerts and as well getting the advantage of the gravity and jetpack forms.

  1. Insights From Customer Behavior with Leadin:


It is time to know about the visitors of the website with the Leadin. With this information, the website preferences can be changed. The benefits of this plugin is to enhance the conversion rate of visitors. The browser cookies will help to know what a customer likes. The other advantage includes knowing all the available details of users. Enhance the content which engages users and make better marketing on the source which draws more visitors.

  1. Benefit with WooCommerce Customer History:

WooCommerce Customer History

Install this plugin and make use of the purchase behaviors of the customers. You will know many things like which aspect get their interest. You can make use of the customer habits and provide them better deals or show them products as per the interest. There are wise chances to get the lifetime and the history of the customer can be known here.

  1. Find Identical Content With YARPP:


A single tool with multiple features to enhance page ranks of the website and to engage the users. All the similar content can be listed properly and can make customized posts as well. You can get advantage with the sponsored content, recommendations based on user’s interests. This plugin comes with the algorithm which is helpful to find identical content.

  1. Know Your KPI with Smart Reporter

smarter for wp ecommerce

Now you can use this plugin either you have used the Woo Commerce or the WP Ecommerce. This is a single tool which helps you to know about the customer retention for your sales and the conversion rate. Engage customers when you know that the abandonment rate is high with this tool. So find out the key performance indicator of your website and make changes to the campaigns which you use.

All these are the vital plugins which are used these days to make more sales and get better online presence. Use the right marketing plugin and check the difference in the reach of your business in less time.

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