How to increase the speed of your phone

  1. Today there is wealth of apps, for every purpose imaginable. And in a world of Smartphone, where you’re constantly downloading, running and installing apps and customizing your phone, the real victim is the processing speed of your device. Of course one cannot stop using apps, but is there another way around the problem? As it turns out, the answer is not only yes, but is ironically, an app it’s called Du Speed Booster and if you’re irritated by the speed of your device, it’s one you need to get
    1. The first thing you notice when you run Du Speed Booster is the slick and cool interfaced which is both simple and attractive, you’ll then be taken to a home screen which immediately scans your phone is and lets you know how efficiently it’s running. You’ll also see a list of icons at the bottom of the screen, each of which offers you a different functionality.
    1. The first icon you’ll need to keep in mind is the one that says Speed Test. This is an excellent feature that lets you test your phone’s processing speed at any time, and also before and after boosts so you can check and see how much it’s helped. There’s also an accelerator which is really handy.

    Du Speed Booster

    1. If all this wasn’t enough, the app also comes with an app manager that gives you much welcome control over app permissions, de-installations and other features. Gamer’s will adore the Game Booster that monitors installed games and boosts them for optimum performance. Another great feature is the Trash Cleaner, which enables you to get rid of unwanted stuff that’s slowing down your phone. And if all this isn’t enough, the app also comes with a built in antivirus! And all this for free. This is definitely one of the best and most useful apps out there – it’s a must check out!

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