How to increase the battery life of your phone

Today, a phone isn’t just your link to the world, it is your world. Our lives are contained in our phones. Work, personal details, and entertainment – we do everything via our mobile devices. This is an obvious solution in the fast paced world, but it also places a great deal of strain – and drain on your battery. But of course, where there’s an app, there’s way ,so let’s look at really useful one that lets you keep doing everything you want to on your phone – and saves your battery in the process. It’s called Du Battery Saver and the name is appropriate.


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  1. When you run Du Battery Saver for the first time, it tells you how much you have left on your battery, as well as giving you a few stats related to it such as voltage, temperature and capacity. It also gives you a prompt to optimize your phone’s battery life.


  1. Once you click on Optimize, the app will scan your battery and offer you some power saving suggestions. There are also a few icons on the bottom of the screen. The first is When you choose it, it will take you to a screen that shows you a graphical depiction of your battery life, as well as provide you with 3 Healthy Charging options. These help your battery be charging in a more efficient manner which helps extend your battery life. There are also a few icons at the bottom of the screen you should take note of. The first of these is Battery, which is also where you are now.

Du Battery Saver

  1. The next icon is the This provides you with 3 battery saving modes called Prolong, General and Sleep which work by taking steps such as holding calls and closing WiFi and so on. Depending on your preference/situation you can choose the one that works best. You can also add your own mode if you want to. It’s great feature that adds a lot of value to the app. The last icon is called Monitor and is perhaps the best feature of the lot; because it lets you monitor all the application and processes running on your phone and even show you how much battery each is using up. All in all, if you’re tired of constantly changing your phone, this might well be the app to pick up!

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