How to chat securely on Facebook, Google and the web

When you are chatting with your friends on popular web based instant messenger or Google Hangouts, then not only is your identity and location getting revealed, but there is also a risk that somebody may be intercepting your messages and eavesdropping on your conversations. If you want keep your chat conversions private and chat securely those from the prying eyes of the government, competitors and malicious users then you need to make sure that you encrypt all your messages before sending them.


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  1. ChatSecure is a free open source messaging app that allows you to instantly start encrypted and secure chat conversations with your friends anywhere on the web as long as even they are using the same application. It is currently available not only on both Android and iOS devices, but also on computer platforms.


  1. The first time you launch the ChatSecure app, it will give you the option to set a master password to prevent other people using your computer from accessing your contacts and messages without a password.

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  1. Before you can start with your friends chat securely, you need to create an account with the ChatSecure app. You can link almost any kind of instant messenger account with the ChatSecure app including Google, Facebook or even an anonymous disposable chat account. Irrespective of the chat account you end up using with the ChatSecure app, all your chat conversations will be completely anonymous since they are sent using the Tor network that we have discussed earlier in this book.


  1. Once you have configured a chat account on the ChatSecure app, you can sign into your account and then start chatting with your friends.


  1. Tap the name of any person and as long as even they are using the ChatSecure application, you will be able to send them secure encrypted messages. Not only that, since the ChatSecure application makes use of the Tor network, your identity and location will be hidden.

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