How to get an assistant to manage your life better

As has been mentioned often enough, life is very fast paced, and keeping up with it often seems like a job itself. How often have you wished you just had a secretary or an assistant to help manage your life for you, just like celebrities do? There’s a great app out there that’s been designed to serve exactly that function for you and if not the app itself you’re certainly already familiar with its creators! Google Now is the closest, best thing most of us will ever get to having our own PA (until we star in a blockbuster, of course!).

  1. To get Google Now, just get the Google application and sign in to your Google account. You can then swipe if you’re a phone or click if on a computer to activate your Google Now. It’s really that simple!
  1. The first thing to know about Google Now is the concept of cards. In basic terms, Google Now functions off cards. It’s how you’ll receive updates, information, weather reports and everything else. To get started on checking your cards from your mobile device, just swipe upwards. You’ll be taken through a small tutorial on how cards work. You’ll also see your first cards. Get used to them because your Google Now personal assistant will use cards for almost everything!
  1. The next step is to allow Google Now to access your location specifics and location history. This is really important, because the application will use this to give you traffic updates, plot you best route to and from work and other places, and even alert you if there’s an accident on your way! And the best part is it’s configured to use the cellular network so you don’t have to worry about the GPS draining your phone!Google Now
  1. But all said and done, a personal assistant is more than just updates on traffic and weather, and Google Now has got that covered too. A great feature of the app is that you can set reminders for yourself and it’ll do the job for you. You can even specify a date and time and that’s exactly when you’ll be reminded and not a moment before or after! So whether it’s work, or something else you’re interested in, like a concert, or a movie or a match, or anything else just let it know and the app will be there to take care of it for you! And there’s even a feature to check your recent reminders – so you can keep track of the work Google Now has done for you.
  1. Another fantastic option in the app and in fact the one that rally makes it your go – to PA, is the voice command feature. You don’t need to do things by typing them out just activate the voice feature and tell Google Now what to do, or remind you about or inform you. You can even ask it questions – ranging from who runs a company to what time a flight will land – or something more creative, if that’s what you prefer!
  1. Lastly, don’t forget that like with a real PA, the better it knows you, the better it can help you. And there’s no shortage of sources of information connected to the app form eBay to left to virtually anything under the sun. You can always check which integration are available and just add them. With the right inputs, Google Now will literally tell you everything you ever need to know. Congratulations – you just engaged a personal assistant!

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