iPhone Run Smoother

5 Tips that Will Make your iPhone Run Smoother

If you own a computer, you have faced one of those periods where it just hangs due to overuse of memory. Ideally, iPhones should never experience this. It is because Apple has developed strong memory management software for all its iPhones. It means that you should never experience hitches. However, the reality is that even […]

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On Second thought

How to UN-send a SMS Message

Have you ever sent a SMS text message to somebody in an inebriated condition only to regret it as soon you hit send have you ever discovered embarrassing typos in your SMS messages after you have already sent it? If you have ever wished that there was a way to un-send a SMS text message […]

type faster

How to type Faster On Your touchscreen Device

If there is one activity everyone spends probably more time doing than any other, it’s typing. No matter what your work or play involves, chances are you spend a whale lot of time tapping at keys. If you spend a lot of time on your phone, this is probably even truer. One of the reason […]

train your brain

How to train your brain

So far we’ve looked at applications that help with efficiency, planning, organization and several other aspects of productivity. This one though, is markedly different. For one, it doesn’t seek help you with a specific task or type of activity. Instead, it promises to help you. Want to get better at prioritizing activities? Managing your time? […]

track family members

How to Track the Location of Your Family Members

With the proliferation of smart phones equipped with GPS and location tracking features, it is obvious that the best way to keep track of the location of your family members is through an app on the phones. If you are often worried about the whereabouts and safety of your family members, then it is recommended […]

surf web faster

How to Surf Web Faster on your Mobile Phone

If you’ve ever used your phone to browse the internet, you know the familiar frustrating feeling of waiting for the pages to load. And of course the even more frustrating ones that follow when the loaded page either interrupts what you were doing or having to go back and repeat both these steps if you […]

stop Google tracking

How to stop Google from tracking your Smartphone

One of the biggest advantages of using smart phones is the fact that you can receive customized information, products and services based on your location everywhere you go (like Google Maps, Google Now, local listing in search results etc.) To be able provide you such a highly customized local experience on your smart phone, Google […]

Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Network

How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks

Most of us don’t think twice before using public Wi-Fi networks at hotels, airports, restaurants and cafes. More often than not, public Wi-Fi networks are not secured properly and are known to be popular hunting grounds for cyber criminals. Even if the public Wi-Fi network has been secured using a password, the password is that […]

Stay Focused on your tasks

How to stay focused on your tasks

Another one of the most common issue often faced at the workplace is one of tunnel vision, as some experts put it. In short, staying focused on your tasks in this age of distractions is one of the most common complaints virtually everyone deals with. In facts, performance and productivity counselors list this as one […]

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