Top 5 Myths and Facts about VPN’s

When the San Bernardino shooter added a pass code to his iPhone 5C before embarking on a terrorist mission, killing 14 and injuring 22 innocent people before being shot himself, I don’t think he really worried about what will happen to his phone. Nevertheless, the infamous iPhone 5C has been at the limelight of a […]

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How to Use Facebook for Business?

Facebook is a leading social media platform used by business owners to meet specific business goals. Facebook helps them to connect with many people and interact with them on a daily basis. It is a social media channel that can help your business reach over one billion people at the targeted demographic and establish direct […]

Best Marketing Automation Plugins For WordPress

10 Best Marketing Automation Plugins for WordPress

Every user likes to get the marketing messages as per their interests. This might be a tedious task for the marketers but not for the right automation plugins. In a couple of minutes now find out what works well and use the same tricks to enhance your sales and get more leads. Here you will […]

blogging for beginners

5 Reasons Why Starting a Blog Is Bad Idea for You

Do you want to be a blogger? Well, it is great that you are thinking of starting your own blog. But, take a minute and think through what exactly blogging entails. While no one should tell you where and how to invest your time, talent and money, it is good to know some of the […]

Online Rummy

How to Promote Your Social Game through Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media website over the web. Social games like Online Rummy, Poker, and others are in trend these days. People love to play them as they have an opportunity to connect with people around the world along with playing their favorite game. And what could be better than […]


Facebook – How Much Is Too Much

Facebook’s creation was in no way meant to hostile or even harmful in any way at all, yet more often than not that is the end result of such an occurrence. It was created as a portal which connected people with their friends and eventually with their family and loved ones globally. It is that […]


5 Things to Consider When Blogging for a Business

When you start a business your website can serve you as a valuable marketing tool; in this day of technology and convenient internet access, we turn to search engines whenever we hear about something new. Your website can be storefront of your business. Representation of your website can leave a strong impression on potential customers […]

Web Design

The Biggest Web Design Trends for E-Commerce this 2016

In a fast-changing world where new technologies are born daily, you need to keep up with the emerging trends to stand out from the competition, or choose to be left behind. “If you can’t beat them, join them.” You always hear that quote, right? It holds true for surviving and finding success in the world […]

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems – Education Done Right!

Learning management systems have helped companies and industries train their personnel by automating data and tracking all of their courses. Not only does it act as a centralized platform for data distribution and collection, but it also saves cost and time while minimizing human input and effort, and maximizing productivity and results. This is why, […]

iPhone Run Smoother

5 Tips that Will Make your iPhone Run Smoother

If you own a computer, you have faced one of those periods where it just hangs due to overuse of memory. Ideally, iPhones should never experience this. It is because Apple has developed strong memory management software for all its iPhones. It means that you should never experience hitches. However, the reality is that even […]